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Archive for October 18th, 2021

Philips 230WP7NS 23″ Widescreen LCD @ BFR

Snip: Hot off of our review of the Samsung SyncMaster 214T we have an even larger display than the 214T, which measured in at 21.3", in store for today. Philips 230WP7NS, their largest LCD display on the market, measures in at a whopping 23". This makes the 230WP7NS the largest display ever reviewed on BonaFideReviews and we couldn’t be more eager to tear into it, figuratively speaking of course. The 230WP7NS is a WUXGA ( Widescreen Ultra eXtended Graphics Array) display that has a display resolution of 1920?1200 pixels with a 16:10 screen aspect ratio. Full review @ BFR

GIGABYTE GA-G1975X Turbo Motherboard @ Motherboards.org

Snip: Gigabyte has done a wonderful job with the GA-G1975X Turbo motherboard. Feature-wise it scores at the top of the features chart with 39 points on our scale. The ability of the board to do Crossfire and the inclusion of a SLI bridge means this board is ready for multiple GPUs if NVIDIA ever adds support for SLI in their drivers on non-NVIDIA boards. At the moment however that seems somewhat unlikely. Full review @ Motherboards.org

AGEIA PhysX cards at OCUK

That’s right folks,?AGEIA’s PhysX cards have turned up in the retail channel at Overclockers UK. You can grab one for ?193.82 if you fancy being one of the first in the UK to own this unique foray into the unknown. As of today you probably won’t find much use for one, but over the next few months games and patches should emerge to take advantage of the raw physics acceleration on offer. You can find some details?on what?this card can?do here, with the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter demo stealing the show. If any of you do happen to grab one, please jump over to the forums and let us know!

Oblivion with FSAA and HDR on ATI cards

Just before the weekend set in, ATI sent word of a new beta driver containing a patch that?allows you to?turn on HDR and AA at the same time in?the graphically rich RPG, Oblivion. The patch provides: HDR effects plus AA at the same time. The visual results are stunning.? (To enable, ignore the AA settings in the game and enable it via Catalyst Control Center) Crossfire support for the game via AFR mode. Good performance gains for all crossfire owners. Nvidia users cannot currently?enable both?HDR and AA?from a hardware level. The patch is named after the guy who discovered?it?- the "Chuck" patch. Could this be another Chuck Norris skill to add to the database? ? You can grab the beta driver here, let us know how you get on in the forums!

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