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Archive for October 18th, 2021

Kingwin Sound Xtream Multimedia Player @ Virtual-Hideout

Snip: So, if you like taking your movies and pictures on the road to a friend’s house or even to the office for a presentation, and don’t fell like hauling around a ton of equipment, the Kingwin Sound Xtream may just be the answer for you. Full review @ Virtual-Hideout

The Godfather PC Game Review @ GamePyre

Snip: Well, what can we say? The game was fun, we guess. It wasn’t a whole hell of a lot more than a diversion ? no gratification or satisfaction, no leaps or bounds in Gameplay and a beautiful story that?s poorly delivered? What the hell EA! After playing through this game, we found it to feel more like a ?rent it for your dusty console? title than a ?Buy this ASAP, so it?s box may forever adorn your shelf, and disk may forever stay in your drive? title. We know that this kind of bluntness is going to make the walls run red, but hell, somebody had to say it. With a longer story that covered the entire trilogy, a wider variety of enemies, buildings and textures, greater attention to detail, and a storyline that actually fits more closely to that of the movies, we’d be happy to call this a classic. But as it stands now, I feel nowhere near the same after playing 9 hours of this game as I do after spending 9 hours watching all 3 movies. Full review @ GamePyre

Speed Link Medusa Gamer Headset @ XSReview

Snip: As gaming becomes more of a mainstream activity, a more team co-operative and team based gaming community has evolved. Because of this more and more companies are striving to be the best at keeping us gamers in contact with each other. ?Gamer Headsets? are everywhere, but some are obviously better than others. Having tested the Steel Series 5h headset a couple of months ago I thought I had found a headset I could safely say was MY headset, that was until I was sent the Medusa 5.1 surround sound headset from SpeedLink. Full review @ XSReview

nVidia 7900 GT Card Roundup @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: However, considering these are all based on the reference design that most manufacturers use, this does give a fairly good indication of what you might expect. The lowest overclock out of these cards was 560MHz on the core and 885MHz on the memory. Both of these are still significantly over the stock speeds and demonstrate how good nVidia?s yields must be. Full review @ Trusted Reviews

ATI Crossfire X1600PRO/X1800XT/X1900XTX @ Motherboards.org

Snip: X1900 Crossfire is currently the fastest, most feature-rich, highest image quality solution I’ve ever tested. The performance of two X1900s is simply mind-blowing when a game works with it properly. NVIDIA has a solution with four GPUs, Quad-SLI but this isn’t on the market in any numbers as of yet and will cost the buyer 2x or more a Crossfire setup. X1800 Crossfire is shown here simply to give a sense of performance if you buy a second X1800 card. X1600 Crossfire is an interesting choice in that the cards can work without a Crossfire cable. Full review @ Motherboards.org

Asus EN7800GT TOP Silent @ HotHardware

Snip: If you’re in the market for a silent, high-performing graphics card, the Asus EN7800GT TOP Silent we have on tap this evening will be of interest.? Not only does this card sport a silent, passive cooler, but it?s factory overclocked as well.? Head on over to the site and take a look. Full review @ HotHardware

Guide: Top 6 Web Browsers @ Designtechnica

Snip: The Internet holds a vast amount of information just waiting to be read. However, in order to view the web and capture it in its best form you?ll need a web browser that meets your expectations. A great web browser should incorporate support for plug-ins, have evolving standards, and be easy to use. This guide will cover the mainstream browsers available for the public to choose from. Whether you enjoy using an open-source browser such as Firefox or having the wide support of Internet Explorer, you?ll always be going to the same Internet you know and love. Full article @ Designtechnica

Kingston launches FB-DIMM Memory Modules

Kingston Technology, today announced the release of its new line of Fully Buffered DIMM memory modules (FB-DIMM).?

OCZ announces PC2-5400 Platinum XTC with 3-3-3 timings

OCZ today launched the PC2-5400 Platinum XTC Series with enhanced latency.

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