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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Alienware’s liquid chilled Quad SLI Aurora

On the 9th March Nvidia announced Quad SLI at CeBIT, and here’s the first system to utilize these GPU’s, not surprisingly from Alienware. This super high-end offering called the Aurora ALX Starts at $6,929 but can end up costing $14,977 with all the extras, such as a 32" monitor, RAID array and 4GB of system memory. One of the most interesting features of the Aurora LX apart from the two 7900 GX2 GPU’s in SLI is that they are all liquid chilled, which offers cooling performance far beyond standard watercooling by chilling liquid below ambient temperature to squeeze as much out of the four GPU?s as possible. Don’t misinterpret that statement though, it’s not sub 0 temps, just below ambient, probably around 20c or so. Dell also have a system available based on Quad SLI named the XPS 600 Renegade which comes with a hefty $10,000 price tag ($5000 cheaper than the Aurora) of which apparently sold out within days of it?s launch.

EVGA GeForce 7600GS Review @ GamePyre

Snip: For $149 retail, the EVGA 7600GS is a good card in many respects. Performance of the 7600GS is most comparative to the x1600 Pro on the ATI side of things. Price-wise, the 7600GS is most like the X1600XT at the moment. The X1600XT is faster in games like F.E.A.R. The 7600GS is a good competitor to the x1600XT, and it’ll be an interesting battle between the two to see which is better. EVGA is one of the better NVIDIA manufacturers. Their ?AX cards have a Lifetime Warranty, but this card has a 1+1 Warranty. One thing that makes EVGA cards unique is the Step-Up program and the ability to get full value from the video card within 90 days of the purchase. Two of these cards will perform almost as well as a 7900GT.? Full review @ GamePyre

AJP M590K-H 19in SLI Notebook @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: Recently, I took at look at three gaming notebooks based on a single GeForce GO 7800 GTX. Even these came with a 1,920 x 1,200 display (including the AJP), but judging from this notebook, for some reason adding a second graphics card means you?d only want a 1,680×1,050 display. This kind of defeats the point of having SLI in the first place. Full review @ Trusted Reviews

Abit’s AN8 32X motherboard @ Tech Report

Snip: Abit practically invented?the enthusiast-oriented motherboard genre, but lately, questions surrounding the company’s finances have overshadowed its actual products. Fortunately, Abit’s financial woes appear to be behind it, as a recent merger with USI promises to deliver the company from what even it admits have been trying times. It will take more than just a merger to return Abit to the top of the enthusiast market, though. Abit first became popular among enthusiasts because its boards performed better, overclocked higher, and offered more unique features than the competition. If Abit is to return to grace, its boards will have to do so again, this time against even more refined rivals. Full review @ Tech Report

Crucial Gizmo! Overdrive 1GB USB Flash Drive @ Bigbruin

Snip:? All of our tests demonstrated under certain conditions the transfer rates that Crucial advertises are definitely possible. The additional functionality of the encryption-based PortableVault software helps improve this product’s rating. It is reassuring that personal or confidential data will remain safe on this drive, even if the Gizmo! is lost or stolen. Full review @ BigBruin

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