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X1900 series shrinks to 80nm

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Posted March 30, 2006 by admin in News

ATI has released information to its AIB partners that an 80nm R580 is on the cards. There will be no other tweaks or functionality incorporated into R580+, just the die shrink from 90nm to 80nm. The benefits an 80nm process will bring to R580 are a cooler running and less power hungry X1900 series?along with?potentially cheaper production of the R580 core, which is extremely necessary as R580 is a much larger (in transistor count)?and more?costly chip to produce compared to G71. Overclocking potential should theoretically improve, too and that’s one of the main reason to be excited.?

ATi’s current 90nm R580 is powerful, but it does run hotter and consumes more power than the 7900 series cards, so this move by ATI is a necessary one to pile the pressure on Nvidia before G80 and R600.

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