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X1800 XT won’t need master card on Xpress 3200

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Posted March 8, 2006 by admin in News

The good lads at Hexus bring news that ATI will be unveiling a nice X1800 goody at CeBIT.

?There seems to be a strategy to extend the value to those people that have shelled out for X1800 parts by allowing Crossfire to work without master hardware, but only on Radeon Xpress 3200 -based mainboards.?

It just gets better and better for what looked at one time to be the ill fated X1800 series. Anyway, to enable CrossFire without a master card you?ll need an Xpress 3200 board, a supporting Catalyst driver (6.4?) and two X1800XT/XL’s.

If you remember, it was possible to use two 1600XT cards in CrossFire without a mastercard, so it’s likely Xpress 3200 offers more bandwidth to allow X1800 XT’s to do the same without performance penalties.

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