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SLI 98%, Crossfire 1.38%

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Posted March 16, 2006 by admin in News

A new Steam hardware survey, which includes users of HL2, CS, DOD etc, has?spat out data which insinuates?that 98% of the dual GPU users using Steam are on SLI, while less than 2% use CrossFire. Well, the Inq has taken the survey and concluded the above, i mean. ?

This could be put down to SLI?s large head start to market, but could also be down partly to the big mess that was X1800 CrossFire – no CrossFire capable motherboards or master cards available for a long time after launch.

With new benchmark data from countless hardware website concluding that 7900 SLI is faster than X1900 CrossFire, it looks as if Nvidia easily has market majority in the bag for some time to come. It?s going to take some major work for ATI to claw back these figures..

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