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G80 details emerge – DX10 support, 48 pixel shaders, no unified shaders

Posted March 13, 2006 by admin in News

Xbitlabs have some unconfirmed details on Nvidia?s code-named G80 graphics processing unit. According to their article, G80 will incorporate 48 pixel shader processors and an unknown number of vertex shader processors. The chip is still expected to support DirectX 10 along with Shader Model 4.0.

It does not, however, support unified shader processors. In other words pixel and vertex operations are still handled by separate processors. Unified processors bring the ability to dynamically allocate chip resources depending on the demand for pixel and vertex processing.

Microsoft are pushing unified shaders hard via Longhorn and the future does seem to be heading that way, but for now unified shader processors are quite a way off.

If G80 does have 48 pixel shaders and a typical amount of vertex shaders its going to be a lot like X1900, so one could assume that G80 will either have ferocious clocks speeds or another trick up it’s sleeves. Rumour has it R600; ATI’s next generation GPU will support 64 pixel shaders, or could that be unified shaders? It’s too early to take any of this seriously, but it’s interesting nonetheless.


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