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Epox announce socket-AM2 based SLI & CrossFire boards

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Posted March 14, 2006 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Dailytech have some details on some Epox AM2 based motherboards even though AMD is still yet to announce socket AM2 to the public.

Epox have officially announced both nForce5 (MNf55P) and RD580 (MD580 XR-J) boards based around Socket-AM2. Both boards should appear around late April or may.

Interestingly, there have been reports that socket AM2 with its DDR2 interface offers no performance benefits over DDR1 based s939. Check Anand’s blog published 6th March for details. Could it be down to an old revision of?CPU or should we brace ourselves for underwhelming performance from AM2?

Here’s another article from the Inq publshed 3rd March claiming that AM2 offers a 10% clock for clock?performance increase. Who do we believe? I for one will not pass judgement until more evidence surfaces.

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