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Dell 3007WFP: super cheap in Canada, bloody expensive here

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Posted March 24, 2006 by admin in Displays

I came across this news at Dailytech and though pretty irrelevant to us brits, doesn’t it annoy you a little bit? hell it infuriates me. A few months ago online e-tailer OCUK were undercutting Dell UK’s?own online prices by upto 30% and this was great, finally we had some good deals on Dell monitors here in the UK. Dell soon put a stop to this, yet in the US and Canada they continue to see massive price reduction that make even OCUK’s old prices look dear. Why do we get such a bad deal in the UK?

The current Canadian price with its reduction is ?750. Buy it in the UK and your talking well over ?1400. It’s not as if?we are segregated from the world, we can see these prices from here in the UK you know, Dell.?

I’m staying away from Dell monitors?until they start to give us the same?great deals as they do over the pond. I urge everyone in the UK to boycott Dell monitors?and look at the nice models from Samsung, NEC and others until we get the same treatment!

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