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ASUS EAX1900XT @ Guru3D

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Posted March 22, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: As you might know there are three members in the ASUS series Radeon X1900 cards, the EAX1900XTX and the EAX1900XT, adopted ATI’s flagship Radeon X1900XTX and Radeon X1900XT VPUs. Both these cards deliver one of the most advanced visual technology standards, including Shader Model 3.0, High Dynamic Rendering (HDR) and support for LCD screens with a resolution up-to 2560 x 1600 for some pretty sweet XHD gaming.

Today Guru3D is testing the ASUS EAX X1900 XT, we’ll do all kinds of dirty stuff with it. New in our benchmark test suite will be Call of Duty 2, X3: Reunion, F.e.a.r. and HL2: Lost Coast all tested up-to high-definition 1920×1200 resolutions.

Full review @ Guru3D

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