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7900 GTX has $720 price tag?

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Posted March 8, 2006 by admin in News

Many news sites have reported the 7900 GTX would cost around $499, however Neoseeker?s have heard rumours that the 7900 GTX 512MB will cost around $779 (?448)?with the 256MB coming in at under $400 (?230). Another source has also added to this stating that ?buying a 7900GTX in the UK this week will mean that the end user has to pull around $720 (?415) out of their pocket??.

My sources indicate that it should be a little lower than this. The UK price?should be around ?350-380 for the 512MB version.

Still, that is one massive price difference just for an extra 256MB of memory. One possible and totally unconfirmed answer?could be?that the 512MB version?is monstrously clocked. Something is amiss here, there is very little logic in Nvidia pricing a 512MB 650/1600 part at??380 and a 256MB part with the same clocks at ?230.

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