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Archive for October 18th, 2021

Quad-core Kentsfield planned for early 2007

Intel?s successor to Conroe, the quad-core Kentsfield will be available as early as January 2007. It will first show itself under the Extreme Edition brand name and filter down thereon after. Kentfield is essentially two 65nm Conroe?s on one chip. Intel?s P965, Q965 and G965 motherboards will be ?Kentsfield ready? but early 975X boards may not. You can find a pic of Kentfield at Dailytech. Let’s just hope software support ramps up?over the next 6-12 months so we can all enjoy the massive performance leaps.

New 7600 and 7900 series cards from Galaxy

Galaxy may be well known to many of our international readers but here in the UK they are relatively unknown. This is set to change soon as Galaxy is working hard to enter the UK market and cause quite a racket! Galaxy is set to release some non-reference boards based on the 7600 GT and 7900. No hard details on the clocks of these cards as of yet, but Galaxy?is known for adding unique features to there non-reference boards, like dual bios capability and an overheating buzzer alarm which will alert the user if the card overheats to unsafe levels. Cooling will be provided by Zalman, and as you can no doubt see below, a passive 7600 GT is on the cards, too.

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