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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Game Developers Conference – Day 1 @ Techgage

Snip: The GDC, Game Developer?s Conference, for those of you who haven?t been keeping up, kicks off today (March 21st.) It is located in the heart of San Jose, California and promises to be a showcase for the heavy hitters in the gaming industry. Full article @ Techgage

EVGA 7800GS CO Edition @ Technic3D

Snip: Faster than a 6800 Ultra, more quietly than a 6800 Ultra. Transfer? See you at the Review on Technic3D Full review @ Technic3D

Intel’s Pentium Extreme Edition 965 processor

What happens?when you pack a quad-SLI graphics subsystem, a Sound Blaster X-Fi audio processor, a physics acceleration chip, a RAID 10 disk array, four gigs of DDR2-1200 memory, and Intel’s next-generation dual-core processor into a single box with a 64-bit OS and fire up Unreal Engine 3? I have no idea, but to tide us over until that’s possible, today Intel is introducing a new speed grade of its top-end desktop CPU, the Pentium Extreme Edition 965. Reviews:– Tech Report– HotHardware– Hexus– Bit-Tech

Ageia PhysX Launch, The Dawn Of The PPU @ HotHardware

Snip: We?ve posted up detailed coverage of Ageia?s PhysX launch details at GDC.? Stop on by to see where Ageia is today, what makes the technology tick and where the industry is headed in the fully interactive world of real-time dedicated physics processing. Full article @ HotHardware

Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS @ Legit Reviews

Snip: The NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS is a single slot card that features a 400MHz core clock speed with a GDDR2 memory clock speed of 400MHz (800MHz double data rate). The 7600 GS features 5 Vertex shading units with a total of 12 pixel shader pipelines. This is the same number of shading units and pipelines found on the GeForce 7600 GT, so the only difference on the card is the clock speeds and the memory type used. Thanks to the lower clock speeds NVIDIA has been able to get the peak power consumption down to 32 Watts from the 67 Watts found on the 7600 GT. Full preview @ Legit Reviews

TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 Keyboard @ ThinkCE

Snip:?I have the pleasure of introducing you to a fine keyboard from TypeMatrix. Nowadays, keyboards come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. This is a truly unique and innovative device that you might find helpful if you type a lot or suffer from an injury. Today, we have the TypeMatrix EZ-reach 2030 (QWERTY) Keyboard for review. I would like to thank TypeMatrix for giving me the opportunity to review the EZ-Reach 2030, it’s been a joy testing this out and I am proudly writing my review now with it. Full review @ ThinkCE

NGO ATI Optimized Driver v1.6.3 @ NGOHQ

Snip: The NGO ATI Optimized Driver is a tweaked version of the ATI Catalyst driver. The main purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance and image quality. The Driver has support for all Radeon cards. Grab them @ NGOHQ

ASUS EAX1900XT @ Guru3D

Snip: As you might know there are three members in the ASUS series Radeon X1900 cards, the EAX1900XTX and the EAX1900XT, adopted ATI’s flagship Radeon X1900XTX and Radeon X1900XT VPUs. Both these cards deliver one of the most advanced visual technology standards, including Shader Model 3.0, High Dynamic Rendering (HDR) and support for LCD screens with a resolution up-to 2560 x 1600 for some pretty sweet XHD gaming. Today Guru3D is testing the ASUS EAX X1900 XT, we’ll do all kinds of dirty stuff with it. New in our benchmark test suite will be Call of Duty 2, X3: Reunion, F.e.a.r. and HL2: Lost Coast all tested up-to high-definition 1920×1200 resolutions. Full review @ Guru3D

Getting the Most out of Your iPod: Accessories @ Designtechnica

Snip: The most popular digital music player is Apple’s iPod. Aside from being a wonderful music player and having lots of great features, the iPod has a whole lineup of accessories ready to be tapped into. With everything from FM tuners to cases, we’ll make sure you know what to add on to your iPod for the most enjoyable audio experience ever! Here are the Top 10 most interesting, useful, and creative iPod accessories. Full review @ Designtechnica 

AGEIA PhysX launched along with video demos

OK how did i miss this… PhysX, the PPU everyone has been talking about for months now?is available? Dell, Alienware and Falcon Northwest have all announced models with PhysX as an option for roughly $250~$300 depending on which vender you go for. AGEIA have launched a new mini site with information and some juicy footage of Tom Clancy?s Ghost Recon with and without physics acceleration and it’s mighty, mighty?impressive. BFG have announced boards of which you can read about here. There is currently no word on when e-tailers will have boards in stock for all of us to grab but you can bet OCUK will be one of the first to get them in the UK. Here’s a list of games that have been announced support for PhysX for some time in 2006: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport Cell Factor City of Villains Unreal Tournament 2007 Gunship Apocalypse Sacred II Loki Dogtag Fallen Earth Crazy Machines 2 Arena Online Diabolique Warhammer MMORPG Eye of the Storm KARMA Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Alpha Prime PhysX has a lot of potential but it;s going to live or die on the support of just a few games and i don’t see them there, games like BF2 and DOD are crucial as are all popular multiplayer games with large online communities. But one major title that is there is UT2007. With Nvidia and ATI looking to come into this market soon AGEIA need serious support to live through this. It’s a worrying but exiting time for...

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