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Archive for February 24th, 2021

Spire SP-600W – RockeTeer VI Power Supply @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: Everything in a computer case these days has some bling factor to it. Whether it is a CPU cooler to case fan grillz. But one of the first items to receive this treatment was the power supply. Being arguably one of the most important devices in the system, why not add some flair to it. And that just want Spire did with the Rocketeer VI. The black chrome finish and the blue LED fan add some class to any case. At the same time producing more power that most would need. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

PS3 Delayed – Is it game over for Sony? @ BFR

Snip:?Early this morning while most of us still lay asleep, on the other side of the globe industry shaking news was finally revealed about the ever elusive PS3. It has been nearly a year since 2005’s E3 PS3 conference and with little to no further knowledge being disclosed to anyone about anything, we’ve been feeding off of "Target" Videos and Tech Demo’s for what feels to be an eternity. It would seem Sony had left us completely in the dark. Fortunately today Sony decided to hit the light switch. At 8am in Tokyo, Japan a wide-eyed Ken Kutaragi took the stage with a full arsenal of information about the PS3. Full article @ BFR

Samsung A950 Mobile Phone @ Designtechnica

Snip: It’s no secret that Samsung makes high quality phones; in fact, today they are one of the main providers of mobile phones to cellular carriers. One of Samsung’s latest phone offerings, the A950 for Verizon Wireless, is a great mix of features and showcases Verizon’s new VCAST service stupendously. However, the phone does have a few flaws, such as a high price and crippled software. Read our full review for the whole scoop. Full review @ Designtechnica

SLI 98%, Crossfire 1.38%

A new Steam hardware survey, which includes users of HL2, CS, DOD etc, has?spat out data which insinuates?that 98% of the dual GPU users using Steam are on SLI, while less than 2% use CrossFire. Well, the Inq has taken the survey and concluded the above, i mean. ? This could be put down to SLI?s large head start to market, but could also be down partly to the big mess that was X1800 CrossFire – no CrossFire capable motherboards or master cards available for a long time after launch. With new benchmark data from countless hardware website concluding that 7900 SLI is faster than X1900 CrossFire, it looks as if Nvidia easily has market majority in the bag for some time to come. It?s going to take some major work for ATI to claw back these figures..

Mac running Windows XP?

You may have heard of the website winxponmac, which was setup to stimulate the development of a solution?for getting Windows XP to run on Intel based Macs – the stimulation being over $13,000 to the lucky team who crack it! Well, according to their front page, someone has done it, though firm?details have not been released yet. From?there homepage: "Contest has been won – updates to follow shortly. All further donations will go into an account to sustain the open source project that will be launched with the initial solution." news.com have more details on this, including an alleged video file of the system running.

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