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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Crucial release Gizmo! overdrive

Crucial have launched some new additions to its USB flash drive line which shifts performance into overdrive--literally.

More 7900 GTX/GT details

The Inquirer have rock solid details and even pictures?of both the 7900 GTX and GT a single day before the worldwide NDA is lifted. There’s lots of interesing tidbits?in the article?but the most interesting are the specs for the 7800 GT. Lets compare them to a 7800 GTX. 7900 GT Vs 7800 GTX Model Name: Nvidia 7900 GT Nvidia 7800 GTX Core: G70 G70 Core Clock: 450 MHz 430 MHz Memory Size: 256 MB 256 MB Mem Clock: 1.3 GHz 1.2 GHz Pixel Pipes: 24 24 Vertex Pipes: 8 8 ROPS 16 16 The 7900 GT looks to be a slightly higher clocked 7800 GTX?using a 90nm SOI process, nothing less. Priced at $299 it looks set to sell by the bucket load and contune the GT?lines incredible success.

X1800 XT won’t need master card on Xpress 3200

The good lads at Hexus bring news that ATI will be unveiling a nice X1800 goody at CeBIT. ?There seems to be a strategy to extend the value to those people that have shelled out for X1800 parts by allowing Crossfire to work without master hardware, but only on Radeon Xpress 3200 -based mainboards.? It just gets better and better for what looked at one time to be the ill fated X1800 series. Anyway, to enable CrossFire without a master card you?ll need an Xpress 3200 board, a supporting Catalyst driver (6.4?) and two X1800XT/XL’s. If you remember, it was possible to use two 1600XT cards in CrossFire without a mastercard, so it’s likely Xpress 3200 offers more bandwidth to allow X1800 XT’s to do the same without performance penalties.

Samsung SyncMaster 960BF 19″ LCD Monitor @ BFR

Snip:? The SyncMaster 960BF is one of Samsung’s latest monitors to join their ever-growing 19" LCD lineup. The 960BF is currently priced at $379 and features a brightness of 300 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 700:1, aspect ratio of 5:4, and a response time of 4 ms from gray-to-gray. It only supports a DVI connection but comes packaged with a DVI-to-Analog connection cord for the many consumers that have AGP-based graphic solutions. Full review @ BFR

Ultra Products Value Series PSU Round-up @ Techgage

Snip: All too often we read reviews of power supplies that are not cheap. Some good power supplies can run between $100 and $150, if not higher! Not everyone has enough money for a top end PSU, so we are taking a look at Ultras Value line-up to see if they would be a good choice when you are low on cash Full review @ Techgage

Motorola PEBL Mobile Phone @ Designtechnica

Snip: For a product as utilitarian as a cell phone, care should always be taken when inserting a gimmick that could limit functionality. To be sure, the smooth rubberized PEBL feels like no other handset — the TV commercial in which the phone is meta-morphed from meteorite to river-worn rock, captures the feel of the phone. And once mastered the PEBL’s geek-cool sliding cover that pops up when slid down and disengaged from its magnetic hold is kind of addictive. But all this cell style belies the bland cell phone underneath — plain old GPRS, not EDGE, network compatibility; VGA instead of mega pixel digital camera with no flash; a narrow monochrome instead of square color exterior display. The PEBL performed well, but so do many other far less expensive, admittedly less attractive T-Mobile models. Full review @ Designtechnica

ASUS Star Ice Heatsink @ Frostytech

Snip: The Asus Star Ice is the companies first venture into the realm of commercial heatsinks, and it certainly captures attention for its appearance. Looking vaguely like a jet engine, the top of the Star Ice is decorated with a clear plastic window with a big bright ASUS logo illuminated by two small blue LED’s. Hidden behind the outwardly aerodynamic appearance is a stacked array of many copper fins, pierced in six places by three copper heatpipes which connect to a thin copper base. But sometimes motherboard manufacturers should just stick to what they do best, motherboards. Full review @ Frostytech

Intel Conroe Details From IDF @ HotHardware

Snip: Marco Chiappetta checked in with us this afternoon, with a healthy helping of information from Intel?s Keynote presentation at IDF.? Conroe is shaping up and sounding more impressive it seems. Full article @ HotHardware

Thermalright HR-01 Passive CPU Cooler @ Techniz

Snip: This Thermalright HR-01 is an extreme performance passive CPU cooler.This CPU cooler is an ideal choice for those users who wish to have a totally silent environment while the computer system is running. But, it is also suitable for the overclockers to use it together with the 120mm fan duct to produce the best cooling performance for the CPU and also with the most silent way. This heatsink is design to be light weight; therefore, the entire heatsink is made of aluminum with the nickel plated copper base. Full review @ Techniz

ButtKicker LFE Kit @ Hardware-Review

Snip: Ready for a furniture shaking experience? Want to feel the rumble of Nascar or the stomping of a T-Rex? Well, then we?ve got a product for you. The Buttkicker LFE Kit provides low frequency effects that you can feel through your sofa or recliner. So let?s sit down on this one and see what?s shaking! Full review @ Hardware-Review

ATI drops prices on X1800 series GPU’s

ATI has dropped the price of both the X1800 XTX and XT. Major UK resellers now have the X1900 XTX in stock and available from ?347. With current exchange rates that is $602 including tax, much less than the $720 price tag rumours for a 7900 GTX. If true, that would be a price difference of around $120 If the 3DMark05 scores are in fact around 11,500 for the X1900 XTX and closer to 10,900 for the 7900 GTX? no contest really. The X1900 XT price move has now also gone through and UK stores have this card in stock from ?317 ($550).

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: But surely, you might say, the Battle for Middle Earth is over? Aragorn and Gandalf have triumphed. The Ring has met its end in Mount Doom. We?ve already fought our way through Helms Deep and the Pelinor Fields. Why does EA feel the need for another campaign?" Full review @ Trusted Reviews

7900 GTX has $720 price tag?

Many news sites have reported the 7900 GTX would cost around $499, however Neoseeker?s have heard rumours that the 7900 GTX 512MB will cost around $779 (?448)?with the 256MB coming in at under $400 (?230). Another source has also added to this stating that ?buying a 7900GTX in the UK this week will mean that the end user has to pull around $720 (?415) out of their pocket??. My sources indicate that it should be a little lower than this. The UK price?should be around ?350-380 for the 512MB version. Still, that is one massive price difference just for an extra 256MB of memory. One possible and totally unconfirmed answer?could be?that the 512MB version?is monstrously clocked. Something is amiss here, there is very little logic in Nvidia pricing a 512MB 650/1600 part at??380 and a 256MB part with the same clocks at ?230.

Intel Conroe benchmarks – MUCH faster than FX60

A few hardware sites who are attending IDF have managed to test out Intel’s new processor which is due out 3rd quarter – the dual core 65nm Conroe. Conroe was actually reported on in 2004 and is Intel’s next generation pentium M for desktops. Early reports are that this chip is going to blow AMD out of the water. Here’s just one of the benchmark numbers reported by Anandtech: F.E.A.R – 1280×1024, max effects, high quality. Conroe 2.66GHz -?186fps AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.8Ghz – 132fps That’s not just impressive, that’s damn right scary! The chip on test was a 2.66Ghz part. When Conroe is released the high end part is rumoured to run at 2.8-3GHz.

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