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Archive for October 18th, 2021

WD SecureConnect Serial ATA Cable Review @ Legit Reviews

Snip: The Western Digital SecureConnect Serial ATA Cable strengthens the drive-to-cable connection preventing the connection to break off causing the inability to access the data stored on the hard drive. Legit Reviews tested the SecureConnect cable on the WD Raptor, RaptorX and the WD Caviar SE Serial ATA drives and found that the cable worked great on all of the series… Full review @ Legit Reviews

Acer CU-6530 @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: I have to admit I was initially a little bit skeptical when I received this newly-launched camera from electronics and computer component manufacturer Acer. From past experience with other companies trying to break into the digital market, I assumed that it would be similar to many other low-cost Chinese import cameras bearing the logos of well-know electronics brands. I have seen a number of such cameras, and they have generally proved to be of extremely poor quality. I?m happy to report however, that I was pleasantly surprised when I unpacked the CU-6530. Full?review @ Trusted Reviews

Final Fantasy XII Potion launched

You may have heard of Square Enix?s new soft drink elegantly named ?Final Fantasy XII Potion? which was announced 3 month ago. Well today was launch day! The world (well, Japan) has been graced with two versions for you to waist your money on – Final Fantasy XII Potion and Final Fantasy XII Premium Box, The latter is a special three million limited edition box set which includes a 100ml bottle and one of 27 different collectable Final Fantasy XII cards and costs 600 yen (?2.90). The standard Final Fantasy XII Potion is a 120ml bottle for 191 yen (90p). The potion was unveiled to the public late in February at a limited event where Suntory, the beverage company behind the product, sought a ready-made audience of FF fans to test the soft drink out on. The drinks have caused enough fuss in Japan for it to be declared in the national press that the drink ?tasted like a nutritional supplement drink with a fresh aftertaste?. If you ask me this has got to be one of the most bizarre, but at the same time genius marketing campaigns for a game yet. It will be interesting to see if the drink ends up making more money than the game?

Spire SP-600W RockeTeer VI PSU @ ThinkComputers

Snip: There seems to be a trend lately in the power supply industry, bigger and bigger. Do we need all that power really? Or is part of it for bragging rights of who has the bigger PSU? Spire is a company known for making quite a few different accessories for computer enthusiasts, including CPU coolers and power supplies. Today I have the new RockeTeer 600Watt Gaming Power Supply for review from Spire. I have to say it looks great, and could prove to be an excellent addition to any computer system. Full review @ ThinkComputers

Sling Media Slingbox @ Designtechnica

Snip: Sling Media has been gaining a lot of attention over the past year with their new device, the Slingbox. Slingbox is a set-top device you hook up to your television and broadband Internet connection to watch your TV on the go. So what makes this different from a TV tuner card? Mainly, it’s the ability to watch your TV anywhere your laptop has an Internet connection. Slingbox will make you get back into watching TV again if you’ve stopped for a whileespecially with a great price of $249.99. Find out why Slingbox is a winner in home entertainment, as we cover every inch of it. Full review?@ Designtechnica

Jing Ting Force Chipset Cooler Review @ Bigbruin

Snip: With the current layout of motherboards based on the nVidia nForce4 chipset, the physical chip is usually located between, or just below, the PCI Express slots. Your only option for an upgrade over the stock chipset cooler is generally another low-profile cooler which might not provide much benefit. Jing Ting has designed a new chipset cooler that takes this into account, and has implemented a heat pipe into their design which takes the bulk of the cooler’s body away from the default location. Full review @ Bigbruin

Vizo Master Panel and Memory Heatsinks @ Techgage

Snip: We are taking a look at two different products in one article today. First up is Vizo’s MasterPanel which allows you to hook up your hard drives outside of your case. Secondly, we are taking a look at their memory heatsinks which are soon to be available. Full review @ Techgage

Chinese players get annoyed with their slow WoW

Chineses players might call for a mass boycotte of WoW due to the problems they have been facing with unstable servers. Game unions have threatened to quit playing WoW, as players continue to post their complaints on Internet forums and make personal calls to fellow members to join the cause. In China, WoW’s servers are maintained by The9, which charges gamers by the hour to play WoW. The9 is incapable of solving technical issues related to the game without Blizzard’s help, but is currently investigating the server issues. Gamers have cited "severe time delays, long-queue times, and frozen servers" as the primary causes of concern.


We?ve been building up to this moment ever since our Inaugural free giveaway kicked off the starting blocks back in September. Our third and largest contest is on the verge of commencement, and we?re ready to enhance your Christmas with some more free stuff?. and boy, we?re not joking either! Thanks to our great friends at Aero Cool, a Hi-Tech7 Pro case and 650w HorsePower PSU are up for grabs as our grand prize. To be in the running for the goods, simply post a picture of your current case with your forum name clearly printed on an adjacent piece of paper. Underneath, include a sentence or two on why you want the prizes, and providing that you have at least 5 forum posts, you?ll be entered into the draw. That?s it! If you?re not the lucky one who gets their name drawn first in the third week of December, rest assured, as we also have a Xigmatek Red Scorpion S1283 available as a second-draw runner-up prize. If you haven?t already got a forum account, you can create one here. It?s simple and best of all free. Now? bring on the eye candy. About AeroCool: AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT) was founded in 2001. At the earlier stage of operation we were committed to share our technical expertise and innovative design in providing total-solution for thermal management in industrial and personal computers. computers. With our solid and innovative design experience in thermal engineering, AAT was the first company to adapt U-shape heat pipe and heat column (1? diameter heat pipe...

ATI buys Chinese XGI

ATI has the acquisition of Shanghai-based Macrosynergy, an XGI Technology alliance company, as well as related personnel working out of XGI Technology’s Santa Clara, California location. The company believes that the acquisition will increase the company’s presence in? China and add further research and development capability? "This transaction brings ATI two important elements – presence in a country that is emerging as the next big technology market, and a team of engineers that are highly skilled in our key product areas," said Dave Orton, ATI?s president & CEO.

Ajigo MF064-074 Stock AMD Athlon64 Heatsink @ Frostytech

Snip: In this review FrostyTech will be focusing on the Ajigo MF064-074, a straightforward extruded aluminum heatsink with a thermally responsive fan by Delta Electronics. The heatsinks’ construction is really plain, and it has been designed for a minimum acoustical impact which we can all appreciate. Full review @ Frostytech

LG L1932P 19″ LCD @ UKGamer

Snip: The LG FLATRON L1932P is a midrange 19" LCD display with a quoted 4ms response time. Its native resolution is standard for a 19" display at 1280×1024 which is perhaps a little low for those intent on high resolution gaming but is otherwise ample for pretty much all its potential uses. You?d generally have to move to a 20" display to get yourself 1600×1200" Full review @ UKGamer

ATI All In Wonder 2006 Showcase @ HotHardware

Snip: Today we have a look at ATI?s All In Wonder card for the mainstream, the All In Wonder 2006.? For under $200 you get all the goodness of ATI?s All In Wonder line-up with a Radeon X1300 GPU under the hood. Full review @ HotHardware

Star Wars: Empire At War @ Gamepyre

Snip: Ladies and gentlemen, yes it has finally happened. We have a truly awesome 3D Star Wars RTS. Featuring so many things we as gamers have longed for from the Star Wars genre, Empire at War seamlessly melds them together into one (although not too innovative) highly polished work of art. From the awesome detail, to the dual story lines, then on to the dual levels of play, one cannot hope for more. The galactic economy base isn’t too complex yet still does its job to drive you in your conquest for more. We can only give this Star Wars game two enthusiastic thumbs up as it does rock! Full review @ Gamepyre

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 @ Hardware-Review

Snip: Arctic Cooling?s newest VGA cooler has us all giddy because it?s based on heat pipe technology, which has really been a fan favorite over the last couple of years. The Accelero X1 is made for NVidia?s high end video cards, and sports a variety ?cool? features that are sure to make your mouth water. Let?s see if the Accelero X1 makes the grade against previous NVidia cooling solution ? the NV Silencer 5 Rev. 3. Full review @ Hardware-Review

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