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Archive for October 18th, 2021

TeamGroup Xtreem 2x1GB Cronus Memory – Micron Chips

Very interesting sticks these. Crucial Ballistix were the best 1GB modules until they were discontinued (let's not discuss the failure rate..) and these are the only Micron based modules in production now.

Arctic Cooling Alpine64 heatsink @ Hardware-Review

Snip: Arctic Cooling?s 2006 line of heatsinks and VGA coolers have been somewhat hit and miss this year. Our evaluation of the Accelero X1 left us wanting more and now we have the Alpine64 heatsink on our test bench. Will this heatsink leave us high and dry or will it quench our thirst for performance? Full review @ Hardware-Review

ABIT AN8 32x Motherboard @ Motherboards.org

Snip: The ABIT AN8 32X is a wonderful example of the nForce SLI x16 chipset board series. The board comes with every feature you would expect from an AMD Athlon motherboard today. ABIT includes every accessory needed to fully utilize the motherboard. 6 SATA ports are more than sufficient for every user. The uGURU utility, chip and GURU Clock bring together a combination of overclocking features unmatched in the industry. All in all a real winner product can be had in the new ABIT AN8 32X motherboard. Full review @ Motherboards.org

Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset @ Legit Reviews

Snip: For a retail price of $29.95, the Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset is popular with users attempting for the first time to use real-time communication in gaming as well as other chat programs such as Skype or Google-Talk. At first glance, this set would seem to have everything a gamer and a grandmother would need. Full review @ Legit Reviews

Jetart all in one GPU cooler – JASCH1 @ XS Reviews

Snip: For the last few weeks I have cursed my lack of knowledge at the time of building my last rig. From buying a Venice core CPU instead of spending a bit more for a San Diego, to RAM being more expensive than my motherboard and power supply combined. None however has annoyed me as much as my choice of my XFX PCX6600, when a 6800LE was much the same price. Because of this very reason I have squeezed every last drop of speed I can from this card. With a large core clock OC and a small mem clock overclock to boot, my graphics card has begun kicking out some serious heat. So upon contacting Jetart, I was sent their VGA all in one cooler. Needless to say I was very impressed by this cooler, to the point that it is still in my rig as I write this, replacing the now defunct arctic cooler. Read on to find out why." Full review @ XS Reviews

OCZ release 1000 MHZ DDR2 modules

Not to be outdone, OCZ have also launched some new DDR2 modules today to compete against Corsair's new 1066 MHz .

Thecus YES box N2100 @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: The N2100 is a completely plastic chassis and comes equipped with a 600MHz Intel XScale 80219 general purpose processor partnered by 128MB of PC3200 memory. That?s not all as it is endowed with a pair of Gigabit USB 2.0 ports as well. With the lid removed hard disk installation is fairly straightforward. A separate cage sits on top of the controller board and is released and lifted out after undoing four screws. Full review @ Trusted Reviews

Thermaltake Tuba @ Tweak PC

Snip: The Tuba is a case in the new BTX-format from Thermaltake. It stands out with design and small dimensions, so it can also be used as a HTPC in the living room. Full review @ Tweak PC

Ultra Aluminus Case @ Pro-Clockers

Snip:: The Ultra Aluminus case is a build of the ever popular Chenbro chassis. But Ultra takes the chassis a few steps further by adding a shiny coat, motherboard tray and light weight to the mix. Let?s see if the Aluminus is the next case for you. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

DFI’s LANParty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert @ Tech Report

Snip: DESPITE THE FACT that NVIDIA released its nForce4 SLI X16 chipset months ago, the original nForce4 SLI is still alive and well. In fact, some motherboard manufacturers have passed over the X16 in favor of new designs that use the plain old nForce4 SLI. That’s an understandable strategy given the nForce4 SLI’s rough feature parity with its successor, whose extra PCI Express lanes convey few real-world performance benefits. Full review @ Tech Report

Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device @ Bigbruin

Snip: Maybe the boss walked by as you were playing Solitaire? Perhaps the wife came downstairs while you were visiting one of ‘those’ sites? Or perhaps something a little less devious, and you were creating a confidential document as one of your nosy co-workers walked by. A new product called the Stealth Switch may be the solution to discreetly cloak the contents of your PC desktop without raising any suspicion by those happening by. Full review @ Bigbruin

Sunbeam Silent Storm Mid-Tower @ Modthebox

Snip: The Silent Storm takes on an attractive look, the clean straight edges communicate that this is a no-nonsense chassis. The unit under observation here at MTB features the optional acrylic window with 120mm side firing intake. The front door covers the face of the case from top to bottom, with plenty of perforations. The door is hinged at three locations made of plastic which is standard. Power/reset buttons as well as the power/HDD LED?s are mounted on the door?s exterior. Three magnets are stealthed to the front bezel which secures the door in the closed position. Full review @ Modthebox

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 Cooler @ Techgage

Snip: Arctic Cooling is soon to release a new GPU cooler called the Accelero. There are two versions of the cooler, one for top end NVIDIA and the other for top end ATI. I am taking a look at the NVIDIA version which I throw on a card that’s known for overheating often. Let’s take a closer look. Full review @ Techgage

Corsair launches ?the world fastest DDR2 and DDR1 memory solutions?

Corsair Memory launched today what they?ve called ?the world?s fastest DDR2 and DDR1 memory solutions for the Intel and the AMD platforms?.

AMD announces three new dual-core AMD Opteron’s

Opteron’s are without doubt the best CPU’s to come from AMD since the Athlon XP bartons, and so it’s nice to hear that AMD have announced three new dual-core Opteron models today, though not all will be of interest to overclockers for obvious reasons.? The Opteron 885 is 2.6GHz per core, has 2x1MB?L2 cache with support for eight-way/16-core servers (i want one). The 285 has the same specification but supports?two-way/four-core systems. The interesting release is the socket 939 Opteron 185 for one-way/two-core servers. It’s pretty much identical to the FX60 (2.6GHz per core, 2x1MB L2 cache, 90nm SOI process) but will of course be priced?significantly lower. The 885 and 285 are available now, with the 185 expected in the next 30 days.

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