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Archive for October 18th, 2021

Lawsuit warning? It could be a worm!

Bagle is the name of a new??worm? that was discovered today. It is a trojan downloader and mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the email addresses that it harvests on the infected computer. This worm is sent via e-mail, in a file?attached to a messaged called ?Lawsuit against you?, ?Pay your debts before we come to you?, ?Call your lawyer immediately? or ?We wait your response?. The e-mail contains a message with detailed information?explaining why you are being ?sued? and gives instructions to check the attached file for a more detailed explanation. In some cases, the worm also attaches a harmless text file "report.txt" saying something like ?attachment: no virus found? or ?Norton Antivirus ? www.symatec.com?. So, even if you?ve done something bad and someone might be?sueing you right now, you better not touch any e-mail attachments!

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