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Archive for February 28th, 2021

Thermaltake Rhythm HTPC Liquid Cooling System @ Bigbruin

Snip: The Thermaltake Rhythm HTPC Liquid Cooling System has taken the formerly extreme art of water cooling and made it feel right at home in an HTPC environment. The extreme cooling and extremely low noise output are welcome features in a home theater personal computer, and will help insure that your system stays up and running without you having to hear that it is doing so. Full review @ Bigbruin


Snip:: A while back Asrock published a SLI enabling patch for their ULi chipset based motherboards that have two PCI-Express slots. Various rumors suggested that the patch would also function under other chipsets as well, and allow users with other chipsets to use SLI on their non-SLI motherboards. Unfortunately the original version of the patch installs only on ULi 1695/7 chipsets – you couldn?t use it if you didn?t have a motherboard with that particular chipset. We?ve managed to rip the installer and to create a modified version of the SLI patch that allows you to use it with EVERY motherboard. We couldn?t do in-depth testing on other chipsets, but if the rumors are true then it should definitely work. Feel free to use it at your own risk, and please post the results in our forums. Remember, this is a modified version and is not supported by Asrock, ULi or Nvidia. Full article @ NGOHQ

Logisys Assembled Red Acrylic Clear Yin Yang Case @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: If you are an extreme modder or someone that likes to show off their toys, our next item up for review may be down your alley. The Logisys Yin Yang Clear Case is designed for those that like to take their PC case to the extreme level. Full review @ Pro-Clockers

HyperTransport Link Investigation @ EclipseOC

Snip: So how much does the HyperTransport Link’s speed really effect an overclocked system’s performance? We aim to find out. Come have a look as we find out how much life the HT Link’s current specification still has in it. Full article @ EclipseOC

Antec P150 Quiet PC Case Review @ Modthebox

Snip: The hard drive bays are one of a kind in a manufacturer’s offering. Using an old modders trick for suspending hard drives (albeit somewhat better looking than using twisted pantyhose or rubber bands) the case can be completely isolated from hard drive vibration which is a major source of noise in all computers. Using this setup, 3 hard drives can be installed. If the user prefers, the hard drives can be installed on the Antec drive racks with the provided extra long screws. The hard drive will sit on top of 4 tall silicone grommets, ultimately more secure than the rubber bands but slightly noisier. Full review @ Modthebox

Performance System Building Guide @ OCIA

Snip: Carrying over from the mainstream guide is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+. This chip is clocked from the factory at 2.0 GHz (10 x 200) but is capable of MUCH more. From an overclocker’s perspective, I see no reason in purchasing a "faster" model X2. Why? Simple… take the X2 4800+ (clocked at 2.4 GHz), currently retailing for over $600. With good air cooling, most 3800+ chips are capable of well over 2.4 GHz. Full article @ OCIA

Motorola SLVR L7 Phone @ Designtechnica

Snip: There’s been a lot of hub-bub about Apple creating an Apple branded iTunes phone. But Jobs and company have held off, probably because Motorola is swimming at that cell phone end of the iPod pool, first with the poorly received ROKR E1 and now with the higher-profile SLVR L7, which is available through Cingular for $199.99 with a two-year contract. On its glitzy surface, SLVR is a vast improvement over the ROKR. But despite its impressive Nano-meets-RAZR looks, the SLVR suffers from many of the same music-centric limitations as the ROKR — a 100-song capacity, slow song transfer, mono Bluetooth and ill-fitting headphones using an unusual mini-USB jack. Full review :@ Designtechnica

Coolermaster Hyper48 KHC-L91 Heatsink @ Frostytech

Snip: The Coolermaster Hyper48’s all copper construction is augmented by four copper heatpipes that advance the flow of heat out from the base to the upper tips of the cooling fins. As we will see shortly in the synthetic thermal test results, the heatpipes play an important role. Really though, the most notable benefit of the Coolermaster Hyper48 heatsink is its quietness. The low noise output is due to a specialized Delta fan which has side vents and a conservative impeller speed. The 92x92x25mm Delta NFB0912L fan moves 42CFM of air whilst generating just 29.1 dBA noise, according to the mfgr’s spec sheet. Full review @ Frostytech

Shure e4c Sound Isolating Headphones @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: With this is mind, we decided to take a look at the Shure E4c sound isolation headphones. Shure is better known for its range of microphones ? most notably the SM57 and 58 series, which are pretty much the de-facto standard for instrument and vocal recording around the world. With an obviously excellent understanding of speaker technologies, one would expect it to be able to make a decent set of headphones. Full review @ Trusted Reviews

Sapphire X1800 XT Review

Read it @ http://www.pureoverclock.com/article31.html


Sapphire Radeon X1800 XT 512MB

Thanks to the X1900 series the 1800 XT has dramatically fallen in price. Could the 1800 XT now be the top price/performance card on the market?

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