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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Thermaltake ToughPower 550w @ A1 Electronics

Snip: If it does what it is supposed to for us here what more can we ask of it. And of course the fan is quiet as none of us want a noisy power supply or indeed a noisy computer. Full review @ A1 Electronics

GIGABYTE GA-8N Quad Royal SLI @ Motherboards.org

Snip: GIGABYTE has done a wonderful job with the GA-8N Quad Royal SLI motherboard and it stands out among the crowd as a top performance board with all the extras that grab the enthusiasts attention. Features-wise the Quad-Royal has no peer, as the board scores over 50 points in our features charts due to the inclusion of Wireless Networking, Quad-SLI, Dual BIOS and more. Performance and stability was excellent and no problems were observed during the month we played with this board. Hats off to Gigabyte on this one Full Story @ Motherboards.org

ATI Launches CrossFire Xpress 3200

As most of you will know, ATI today released RD580, now to be known as Xpress 3200. The board is set to give Nvida’s nForce4, and possibly even nForce 5 a serious hammering. The board offers 40 lanes of PCI express and is the first board to offer 2×16 PCI-Express slots on a single chip. Of course, the real exciting news is that this board was built from the ground up to be an enthusiasts dream,?and so it has some major overclocking features. I won’t go over the featureset in detail, instead here is?a roundup of reviews from our buddies: HardOCP Anandtech Motherboards.org Bit-tech

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