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Geforce 7900 GT has 7800 GTX performance

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Posted February 27, 2006 by admin in News

According to the Inquirer, the 7900 GT is going to be priced very competitively and have the same performance as the?7800 GTX. The Inquirer suggest this is going to have a huge impact on ATI sales, i tend to agree…

Snip: "We expect that the cards will be very overclockable as they are 90 nanometre based and there is still enough space to set the clocks even higher. We know a few companies that plan to clock those cards a little bit higher from the launch date." ?

The GT line has always got the formula right, and the 7900 GT looks to continue this trend. ATI may keep the performance crown in the high-end, but Nvidia is sure to sell a gigantic bucket load of GT’s this March.

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