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7900 GTX specification confirmed

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Posted February 25, 2006 by admin in News

[update] Memory specification originally posted (2.0GHz)?looks to be?incorrect, i fully blame the source, who emailed me today revoking that claim and insinuating it to be more closer to 1600 MHz, just like many other sites have stipulated, grrrr! It does make me wonder where this figure came from in the first place though….

A source has let us know the specifications for the upcoming 7900 GTX. The part will allegedly have the following specification:

7900 GTX Specification
Core Clock:
650 MHz
Mem Clock:
1.6 GHz
Memory Bandwidth:
51.2 GB/s
Memory Size:
512 MB / 1024 MB
Pixel Pipes:

I?m not sure if the 1024 MB part?is going to?be available at launch or if Nvidia are going to wait until ATI commit a timeline for there 1GB part, which is rumoured to be coming sometime around April or May.

The launch date for the 7900 GTX is?the first week of?March, and early predictions are that it?s?faster than the X1900 XTX, but only time will tell?

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