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Archive for June 15th, 2021

Sony admits PS3 delay possible

More rumours surrounding the delay of the PS3, though this time the source is allegedly Sony. The official line coming out of Japan is that the delay would be due to problems with the mass production of the console’s built-in Blu-ray drive. I do wonder?if this could be a long term strategy to stagger console launch dates. Instead of the two major consoles battling for your loyalty and hard earned cash, why not stagger the release dates far enough apart so the end user – who would most likely choose either the PS3 or Xbox 360 if they were both to be launched around the same time – will probably now purchase both consoles with hardly any loyalty issues. It?s definitely possible that the large difference in the Xbox 360 and PS3 launch dates has been carefully decided upon…

Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Heatsink @ Frostytech

Snip: The Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 heatsink suspends its 2000RPM fan on four dual axial rubber vibration absorbing posts. The general purpose of which is to prevent fan motor vibrations from transferring to other areas of the computer chassis which could cause noise. The 90-ish millimeter fan minimizes turbulence and noise by essentially floating the impeller alone above the aluminum component. The whole package weighs in at just 486 grams, and judging by recent information the Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 should even be compatible with AMD socket AM2 heatsink retention frames… though we aren’t 100% certain. Full Story @ Frostytech

Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 VGA Cooler @ Techniz

Snip: The Accelero X1 is the latest technology of VGA Cooler from Arctic-Cooling. The Accelero X1 is not only powerful on the stylish look, but also the performance that able to deliver by it. The heatsink is made of aluminum thin fins together with the copper base to provide the best heat dissipations for the graphic card. A part of it, it also bundles with the passive memory cooler for cooling the memory on the graphic card. The operation noise level is extremely silent as well. Due to the design of it, the Accelero X1 is only support the Nvidia 6800 and 7800 series of graphic card… Full story @ Techniz

Corsair Nautilus 500 Water Cooler @ Legit Reviews

Snip: Corsair wanted to launch a low cost water cooler at $159 and that is what Corsair did. I give Corsair a hand for bringing enthusiast technology to the mainstream consumer and I believe the mainstream market is ready to embrace water cooling. I have been saying for years that water cooling is the way to go if you don’t move around your computer a ton. With reduced noise levels and awesome temperatures water cooling is well worth the extra cost from my point of view. Decent water cooling was always over $200 and that the midnight oil burning over at Corsair and the end result is the Nautilus 500. Full story @ Legit Reviews

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1VP @ Trusted Reviews

Snip: It wasn’t that long ago that I reviewed the VAIO S5VP which represented the end of the original VAIO S Series chassis. To be honest I was a little disappointed at the demise of the previous S Series since I quite liked it. Despite the fact that it’s Sony’s T Series notebooks that I truly lust after, the S Series offered slightly larger physical dimensions for users who find the T Series just too small to get to grips with. Of course I needn’t have worried, because the new VAIO S Series makes the outgoing model look positively antiquated. Full story @ Trusted Review

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