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Archive for June 15th, 2021

Microsoft to offer 6 versions of Windows Vista

Microsoft plans to launch six versions of its upcoming Windows Vista operating system, three at consumers, two at business users and a stripped-down edition for emerging markets. Vista Home Premium will be the middle option for consumers, sandwiched between the high-end Windows Vista Ultimate, which also includes business-oriented features, and a bare-bones Windows Vista Home Basic without the multimedia capabilities. For business users, Microsoft plans Windows Vista Business for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have a information technology support staff. Windows Vista Enterprise will be aimed at large, global companies with encryption features to protect information even if a computer is stolen and tools to enable compatibility with applications designed for older operating systems. Microsoft will also offer a version of Vista Home Basic and Vista Business without a Windows Media Player in Europe to comply with European Union antitrust rulings.

Geforce 7900 GT has 7800 GTX performance

According to the Inquirer, the 7900 GT is going to be priced very competitively and have the same performance as the?7800 GTX. The Inquirer suggest this is going to have a huge impact on ATI sales, i tend to agree… Snip: "We expect that the cards will be very overclockable as they are 90 nanometre based and there is still enough space to set the clocks even higher. We know a few companies that plan to clock those cards a little bit higher from the launch date." ? The GT line has always got the formula right, and the 7900 GT looks to continue this trend. ATI may keep the performance crown in the high-end, but Nvidia is sure to sell a gigantic bucket load of GT’s this March.

Thermaltake RX Silent Boost Copper CPU Cooler @ Tweaknews

Snip: With the Silent Boost RX K8, Thermaltake has targeted the user who values compactness and silence over maximum effort cooling. For example, this would be an excellent choice for a home theater PC where space is always an issue and quiet cooling is a necessity. Link to Tweaknews

Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA Headset @ Techgage

Snip: Can’t set up a 5.1 speaker setup, but want true surround sound? Maybe you want surround sound to have late at night when your families in bed?! We are taking a look at a new 5.1 headset from Turtle Beach, and throw many tests at it to see just how good it’s 5.1 capabilities are. Link to Techgage

Swiftech MCW60 VGA Waterblock @ OCIA.net

Snip: Here’s a closer look at the base plate. You can clearly see Swiftech’s Patent-Pending Diamond Pin Matrix design. One thing to note on the inner machine work… on some of the first production runs of the APOGEE CPU block, there was a problem with copper shavings being left on the inside of the block. Swiftech has now added a bead blasting process to ensure that the base plates are totally clean and free of shavings. This is why the inside of the block now has a somewhat textured finish instead of a shiny one. Link to OCIA

Asus A8R-MVP and X1900 Crossfire stability problems

The Inq’s Fuad Abazovic is reporting some major stability problems with the above setup. The problems include crashes in games and as testing pursued even 3D mark was a problem. Quote: "The only scenario where we almost got the machine stable was with a single memory module plugged inside. This will degrade your memory performance drastically but managed to get the system a little bit more stable." Looks to me to be a bios problem, but as noted in the article it could also be a power issue. If you’re thinking of getting this setup, think twice, at least for now…


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