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Archive for June 15th, 2021

7900 GTX specification confirmed

[update] Memory specification originally posted (2.0GHz)?looks to be?incorrect, i fully blame the source, who emailed me today revoking that claim and insinuating it to be more closer to 1600 MHz, just like many other sites have stipulated, grrrr! It does make me wonder where this figure came from in the first place though…. A source has let us know the specifications for the upcoming 7900 GTX. The part will allegedly have the following specification: 7900 GTX Specification Core Clock: 650 MHz Mem Clock: 1.6 GHz Memory Bandwidth: 51.2 GB/s Memory Size: 512 MB / 1024 MB Pixel Pipes: 24 I?m not sure if the 1024 MB part?is going to?be available at launch or if Nvidia are going to wait until ATI commit a timeline for there 1GB part, which is rumoured to be coming sometime around April or May. The launch date for the 7900 GTX is?the first week of?March, and early predictions are that it?s?faster than the X1900 XTX, but only time will tell?

Crucial Ballistix DDR500 PC-4000 1GB Kit Review @ MVKTech

Snip: "Crucial Technology has been known for their quality memory, great prices, and fast shipping. Recently Crucial has a new high performance memory product line, which goes by the name of Ballistix. The Ballistix line of memory encompasses both DDR and DDR2 products, and emphasizes performance while still maintaining Crucial’s high standards of quality. The Ballistix modules are specifically built for performance enthusiasts who want to push the performance without worrying about data loss or corruption." Link to MVK Tech

Tuniq Symmetry 1 ATX Chassis Review @ Virtual-Hideout

Snip: Certain features stand out as exceptional, such as the lower location of the external USB/IEEE Audio/Mic ports, and the how the door swings open to the right (as opposed to the left on most cases.) They also added a neat little gadget: an Analog Dial Meter " Link to Virtual-Hideout

XKROMA ATX Chrome Case @ ThinkComputers.org

Snip: Geeks.com is always a good place to find things that you would not normally see on other online computer stores. They always have cool products from little known companies. Today we will be looking at a case that I have never seen, or even heard of. It’s called the XKROMA; it looks great, but can it stand up to all the other brand names out there? Let’s find out. Link to ThinkComputers

Cooler Master CM Stacker 830 @ Trusted Reviews

Snippet: Cooler Master has a reputation for cases geared towards the enthusiast and its Stacker range of chassis have been immensely popular, being amazingly well built and very functional ? especially if you have large water cooling or require plenty of fans. The latest incarnation of the Stacker is the 830 series. Link to Trusted Reviews

Gainward BLISS 6800 GS ?Goes like hell? 512MB

Direct Link: http://www.pureoverclock.com/review.php?id=29

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