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Virus spreads with the help of Kama Sutra

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Posted January 20, 2006 by admin in Internet

Porn curious might be the main victims of the virus Nyxem.d, also known as VB.bi ou Blackmal.E@mm. It has been distributed via e-mails that are meant to have images of the Kama Sutra. By clicking on an attached file that is meant to be a film or video, the user ends up installing a code that disables all security programs and self-sends the virus to all e-mail addressed found in the computer.

The Kama Sutra e-mails have been spread with many different subjects, such as "Hot Movie", "Arab sex dsc-00465.jpg", "Fw: SeX.mpg", "Fwd: Crazy illegal Sex!", "give me a kiss" and "The Best Videoclip Ever".

Users have first been warned about this virus by Graham Cluley, specialist from SophosLabs.

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