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Sony’s Blu-ray PC may reach the UK in March

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Posted January 20, 2006 by admin in News

Sony’s Blu-ray high capacity optical disc system should be available in the UK as early as March as part of a desktop PC package. The VGC-RC204 features a Blu-ray recorder that can archive up to 25GB of data on one disc.Sony is expecting the ?1800 PC to appeal mainly to video editors.

The PC supports a 600GB hard drive and is accompanied by Sony’s MR100 wireless media receiver, which streams audio video and images to other screens and devices. Recordable Blu-ray discs will go on sale next month, with Sony estimating that they will retail for around ?10. The recorder isn’t compatible with the 50GB double-sided discs. A laptop with integrated Blu-ray drive will be available later in 2006.

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