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Linux/Unix more flawed than Windows

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Posted January 17, 2006 by admin in News

The U.S. Government has reported that fewer vulnerabilities were found in Windows than in Linux/Unix operating systems in 2005.

Linux/Unix-based operating systems–a set that includes Mac OS X, as well as the various Linux distributions and flavours of Unix–had more than twice as many vulnerabilities as Windows, according to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).

One thing most people choose to ignore with the whole security issue, is that if one application is massively more popular than another, it’s naturally more likely to be targeted by?malicious users. Firefox is no more secure then IE, Linux is no more secure than Windows. The difference is that an all out market leading application is far more likely to be the target of such abuse.

Another factor to take under consideration is the average security knowledge of a Windows user to that of Linux user, it sure as hell isn’t even. Linux users are probably more aware of how to keep there system secure.

Finally, Windows vs the entire array of Linux?and Unix options? I don’t see much truth in?this US-CERT analysis, do you?

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