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John Beekley of Corsair Memory @ Legit Reviews

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Posted January 16, 2006 by admin in News

Snip: LR: Let’s talk about the future of computer memory in 2006. It looks like we are going to see DDR3 and FB-DIMM’s enter into the market space this year. Which should enthusiasts be more interested in??

John: I think that 2006 will be all about DDR2, actually. FBDIMM is a server technology, and will have no impact on the enthusiast in the one-to-two year future. And DDR3 in volume is a long way off, except in graphic applications. The most interesting memory-related events in 2006 for the enthusiast will be [1] the launch of DDR2 Athlons, and the impact on AMD’s current reign as performance champion, and [2] the launch of more games and operating system revisions that require 2 GBytes of memory for optimal performance…"

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