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“Grand Theft Auto” faces lawsuit

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Posted January 29, 2006 by admin in Gaming

The city of Los Angeles has sued Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. for selling pornographic video games to children with its best-selling game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," which last year was found to have hidden sex scenes.

The game publisher was accused on Thursday of failing to disclose the pornographic content to get the game onto shelves of major retailers that do not carry games rated "Adults Only 18+".

The company is accused of having deceived consumers by first claiming that hackers had modified the original version of the games, then announcing a week later that the sex scenes were written into the original game code.

The lawsuit demands that Take-Two and Rockstar Games, the subsidiary behind "Grand Theft Auto," one of the best-selling in video game franchises history, stop marketing the games to children, pay fines and return $10 million in profits.

Last summer, the video game ratings board slapped a restrictive "adult" rating on "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" because of explicit sex scenes, known as "Hot Coffee," that allow players to engage in virtual sex acts.

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