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Asus develops innovative cooling system

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Posted January 4, 2006 by admin in News

Asus has released a new graphics card based on the 6600 core which throws conventional PCB design out of the window in the pursuit of dramatically cooler running GPU?s.

ReverseCool technology – as it will be known – involves the simple process of moving the majority of the heat producing core logic to the underside of the PCB. This way, the hot air will rise up and away from the graphics card, theoretically to be expelled by chassis exhaust fans.

Typically, graphics cards are built with most of the major components on the topside of the PCB and in turn face downwards once installed. Due to the fact that hot air rises, our graphics cards have been blowing hot air downwards, only for it to rise back onto the card.

?With Asus? exclusive ReverseCool technology, the EN6600TOP Silent can be more than 30 degrees cooler than generic GF6600 and provide the quietest 0DB environment?, the company claims. However, as always, it would be wise to wait for independent reviews of the product before considering this as indisputable!

Apart from the innovative cooling system, the card is otherwise a standard Geforce 6600 DDR2, with a 400mhz core clock, and 256mb DDR2 ram running at 800mhz along with 8 pixel pipelines and 4 vertex pipelines. It comes with one DVI, one D-SUB and a TV-Out port.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but the card is listed on the Asus website HERE

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