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Archive for January 27th, 2021

NVIDIA 7300 GS Preview @ Viper Lair

Snip: As with all of the GeForce 7 Series GPUs, the GeForce 7300 GS features PureVideo which will provide very good image quality at the targeted price-point. Therefore, builders of HTPCs can look into this product since it will accelerate MPEG-2 in hardware, as well as Windows Media HD Video (WMV HD). The GPU offloads video decoding from the CPU and should provide smoother video playback and lower CPU usage. Link to Viperliar

CES 2006 Camcorder Round-Up @ Designtechnica

Snip: Although hard to find, there were a ton of new camcorders nestled among the overwhelming forest of flat panel televisions at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in lovely Las Vegas. (Don’t laugh, I actually like the town.) Here are the broad strokes: DVD camcorders are more prevalent than ever as almost all manufacturers have jumped onto the disk-based bandwagon. Companies have cut back on the number of MiniDV tape models and cut prices. A gradual shift is occurring as non-tape formats (DVD, hard disk drive, solid state) become more common and less expensive. And since America has gone widescreen TV crazy, more camcorders than ever take true widescreen video rather than stretching it like the old days (three years ago). Link to Designtechnica

ATI X1800 CrossFire Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews

Snip: While ATI’s first generation Crossfire platform proved ATI could offer a dual video card solution to gaming enthusiasts it was based on a core that was dated and had a number of issuses when it came to resolutions. The second generation of Crossfire cards is based on the R520 core, which is still the flagship GPU for ATI and comes packed with the latest features. Link to Legit Reviews

3D Mark 06 released

Benchmark includes improved Shader Model 2 tests, new CPU tests and HDR Shader Model 3 tests for system-wide gaming performance measurement.

Building on 3DMark05 as a foundation, Futuremark improved the core 3D engine, adding more complex ShaderModel 2.0 tests, stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) ShaderModel 3.0 tests, and overall enhanced the product with substantially higher polygonal counts expected to be found in games two years into the future. Even with the addition of HDR/ShaderModel 3.0 tests, 3DMark06 still enables ShaderModel 2.0 compliant graphics card owners to run most of the benchmark and get a fully comparable 3DMark score. With these demanding new DirectX 9 implementations, 3DMark06's four graphics tests measure performance of the most advanced hardware while showing visually the compelling advantages of these new shader types.

You can grab it here: http://www.futuremark.com/products/3dmark06?though as of writing it seems to be hammered.

Million $ pixel site blackmailed

Milliondollarhomepage.com, has been hit hard this week by extortionists who have demanded money or face the threat of DDOS attacks. Alex Tew, the founder of the hugely popular pixel flogging site ignored the threats. The threats were then carried out last Thursday, making milliondollarhomepage.com very difficult, if not impossible to access. The FBI are treating this as a crimnal investigation and believe the attacks to have orginated from Russia. Tew recently told the BBC: "I haven’t replied to any of them as I don’t want to give them the satisfaction and I certainly don’t intend to pay them any money."

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