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Archive for January 27th, 2021

Linux/Unix more flawed than Windows

The U.S. Government has reported that fewer vulnerabilities were found in Windows than in Linux/Unix operating systems in 2005. Linux/Unix-based operating systems–a set that includes Mac OS X, as well as the various Linux distributions and flavours of Unix–had more than twice as many vulnerabilities as Windows, according to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). One thing most people choose to ignore with the whole security issue, is that if one application is massively more popular than another, it’s naturally more likely to be targeted by?malicious users. Firefox is no more secure then IE, Linux is no more secure than Windows. The difference is that an all out market leading application is far more likely to be the target of such abuse. Another factor to take under consideration is the average security knowledge of a Windows user to that of Linux user, it sure as hell isn’t even. Linux users are probably more aware of how to keep there system secure. Finally, Windows vs the entire array of Linux?and Unix options? I don’t see much truth in?this US-CERT analysis, do you?

Silverstone TJ05 Case Review @ Motherboards.org

Snip: The Silverstone Temjin TJ05 case is a very solid and beautiful design that works as well as any case I’ve worked with. Aesthetically the case does the job, as black cases appeal to my sensibilities of style in my computer room though they could have done a better job with it. Link to Motherboards.org

SDI iHome iH5 iPod Alarm Clock Review @ Designtechnica

Snip: Just when you thought there wasn’t room for another iPod accessory, SDI drops the iHome iH5r. The first, and most closely matching, iPod-compatible alarm clock has a number of drawbacks, but makes a decent stab at conquering the bedroom with all that glossy, white, plastic glory. Before you point out that the iPod already has an alarm clock program built in, read on. Link to DesignTechnica

Cooler Master opens first show room

Cooler Master has opened its first ever show room in the Tsann Kuen 3C chain store in Nei-Hu Taipei, Taiwan. The show room will allow customers to experience the broad array of Cooler Master products firsthand. It’s a unique move for a company of this nature, but if it’s going to work anywhere it’ll be?at one of the computer marts sprouted all over Taiwan. In addition, ?I don’t predict?a Cooler Master show room for?Tottenham Court Rd?anytime soon (wipes tears).

Microsoft and Apple make five-year agreement for Office

Microsoft has promised?to keep producing software for the Mac for a minimum of five years. Under a new agreement between Microsoft and Apple announced at Macworld, the software giant will continue to produce versions of Office for both PowerPC and the new Intel-Macs into the next decade at least. Microsoft also revealed a number of updates to its Apple-flavoured offerings at Macworld, including new features for Messenger for Mac.

Opinions formed in the blink of an eye

Internet users make up their minds about the quality of a website in the blink of an eye, a study shows. Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just a twentieth of a second of viewing a webpage. They were surprised as they believed it would take at least 10 times longer to form an opinion. The study, published in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology, also suggests that first impressions have a lasting impact.

MSI RD480 motherboard @ Pro-Clockers

Snip: MSI is one of those companies that has and will always have a place in the gaming and enthusiast?s community. Time and time again they have released a great product, whether it is a motherboard or a video card. Today, we take a look at their newest motherboard, which is based in the ATI XFire chipset, the RD480-FI. Link to Pro-Clockers

Polywell MiniBox 939NP Media Center PC @ Viper Lair

Snip: Pre-built systems can ease your pain in several ways. To begin with, they all come with warranties, so if something fails, you can just get it fixed. Everything has been pre-tested, so there’s no guess work into trying to make things work. Finally, due to the sheer volume of purchasing, it is actually possible to save money to buy pre-built rather than doing it yourself. Link to Viperlair

Prosecutors raid Livedoor offices, founder’s home

Japanese prosecutors raided the offices of the hugely popular Internet portal Livedoor and the home of its founder on Monday as part of an investigation of possible violations of securities trading laws. Not much more official information is known regarding the security violation, but media reports in Japan said the company was accused of issuing a false news release to drive up the share price of a marketing subsidiary. Livedoor executives did not immediately comment. 33-year-old founder and chief executive, Takafumi Horie has gained a repuation as an outspoken entrepreneur whose casual style and confrontational tactics have repeatedly angered the country’s business elite.

Dell boss: ‘No $100 laptops and no AMD deal’

The UK head of Dell has said the company has no plans to be drawn into the game of producing cut-price ‘no frills’ computers. He also told a select group of journalists that there is no ‘done deal’ with AMD over the use of its chips in Dell kit, despite rumours to that effect late last week. Explaining what constitutes an official statement, Claman said analysts and the media have been reading far too much into Michael Dell’s assertion when speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show that an AMD deal is "a distinct possibility".

AMD triples their contract with Soitec for 2006

CPU manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has renewed its silicon-on-insulator contract with Soitec for 2006. AMD uses Soitec’s wafers for its 90nm Athlon 64, Opteron, Turion and Sempron processors. The contract,?worth $150 million USD, is triple the size of AMD’s 2005 contract. Soitec is the SOI market leader?but has been facing a lawsuit from MEMC over the patent of its defect-free silicon, referred to as "Perfect Silicon". This could protentially cause complications to?AMD’s supply chain if Soitec fair badly, though a financial settlement is likley to be the worst case scenario.

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