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Archive for January 27th, 2021

Pixel-flogging student makes a million

Well I’m in the wrong business! Alex Tew had an idea to help fund his university education (don’t think thats cost’s ?600,000 these days, does it?). The idea was to flog 1 million pixels of his homepage as advertising space?for $1 per pixel, and a phenominem was born that created a valid advertising platform.?The idea was so "out there" that interest in the site became huge. So big was the success of the site that Tew decided to flog the last remaining 1,000 pixels on eBay. And, when the auction closed yesterday evening, the bidding for the last available space on this giant pixel billboard stood at $38,100 – around ?21,600. It means Tew’s site has succeeded in generating just over a million dollars – or almost ?600,000 – since its launch in September.

ARMARI Pantheon-FX @ Hexus

Snip: The Armari Pantheon FX system is a decidedly niche product. It’s designed to appeal to those of you with a large wedge of cash to spend on a PC, yet don’t want to splash it on some run-of-the-mill affair. Armari has taken the step of engineering a gaming machine with some of the tastiest components available at the start of 2006 and amalgamated them into a sexy-looking small form-factor unit sourced from the folks at SilverStone. It’s clear from the choice of components that performance is of foremost concern.

Asus A8R-MVP CrossFire motherboard @ TrustedReviews

Snip: Rather than using a small PCB in a slot on the board to change between single and dual card mode, the A8R-MVP uses a small piece of PCB that slots in to the top slot. This disables this slot and transfers the bandwidth to the lower slot to make this a full x16 slot. It?s a simple solution but it works well. The downside is that you can?t use the slot at all in single card mode, something most SLI boards allows you to at reduced bandwidth.

Turtle Beach Ear Force AXT Xbox 360 Live Headset @ Tweaknews.net

Providing excellent sound quality and surprising comfort, the Turtle Beach Ear Force AXT headset is a great product for the Xbox enthusiast looking for better quality sound and a more immersive gaming experience. Couple this with a MSRP of just under $80 US and the AXT is an excellent value as well. Better yet, availability is good with some online retailers selling this headset for as little as $60.

Microsoft?s CES Keynote ? A High-Definition Future @ ThinkComputers.org

Microsoft has been on the leading forefront of advancing technology, and the Consumer Electronics Show is one place they have consistently showed an intriguing outlook on what the future could hold. The Microsoft pre-show keynote at CES 2006 covered lots of ground ranging from breaking new technologies to giving us a glimpse of what the Bill Gates future with Microsoft could look like. Although we were given a fairly exquisite look at all the latest offerings from Microsoft, the keynote was not as an exciting adventure in never-before-heard announcements as one might expect.

PlayStation 3 could cost as much as $500

Sony might be the next one to set a new price limit in the consoles world. After Xbox 360 having become a hit in spite of its price – $399, which is $100 over the price of the original Xbox – Sony’s PlayStation 3 may debut with a price tag reaching nearly $500, according to analysts and video games developers. Sony hasn’t commented on specific pricing figures, though Ken Kutaragi, president of Sony Consumer Entertainment, reportedly told attendees of a 2005 corporate meeting "it’ll be expensive." "[Sony] could now consider launching its PlayStation 3 at a price range of $399 to $499, with the $499 price point more likely," said American Technology Research’s P.J. McNealy in a note to clients Monday. The strongest argument behind the $499 price point is the PS3’s inclusion of a Blu-Ray drive. This bleeding edge technology will give?Sony significant bragging rights, but it comes at a cost. Pioneer last week at the Consumer Electronics Show unveiled a standalone Blu-Ray player for $1,800.

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