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And we have a winner!

The competition for the Kingston DataTraler II+Migo drew to a close last night, and a winner has now been announced (we don't drag on our competitions just to draw in more traffic, no no no).

ATI’s Avivo gets better with Catalyst 5.13: Hardware roundup!

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Pureoverclock xmas comp: Win a Kingston Datatraveler II+Migo 512MB flash drive!

To kick things off in the brand spanking new forums we're giving away a Kingston Datatraveler II+Migo 512MB flash drive to one lucky forum user!

Review Roundup: Thur 15th Dec – We’re in the Army

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Activision warns of “significantly lower” earnings

Hot on the heels of NPD’s bleak report on November game sales comes a stark earnings warning from a top third-party publisher. Following the end of trading in New York this afternoon, Activision issued a press release which told investors to brace themselves for quarterly and annual earnings lower than the company’s November 2 forecast. The warning comes despite Activision’s 54 percent year-on-year increase in sales during November. Interesting, Charlie Demerjian of The Inquirer recently wrote an article?predicting the death of the games industry,?and here is the first signs of something quite disturbing. What’s your thoughts? Is the game industry?over inflated?and too expensive to develop for? Are gamers starting to bore with the sequel, prequels, and utter garbage churned out these days? Post in our forums and?let us know.?

Browser users urged to patch up

Windows users are being warned about a bug that lets attackers take over a PC via the Internet Explorer browser. The bug makes it possible for webpages?to compromise a PC without a user spotting the attack, Microsoft warned. Code to exploit the bug was circulating online which led Microsoft to label the bug "critical" and said users should apply a patch immediately. At the same time a similar bug was found to be affecting earlier versions of the rival Firefox web browser.

Nvidia to buy ULi for $52 million

NVIDIA today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ULi Electronics Inc, one of the PC industry?s most highly-regarded core logic developers. ULi is recognised for its innovative core logic technology as well as other multimedia and embedded products. Additionally, the acquisition is expected to strengthen the company?s sales, marketing, and customer engineering presence in Taiwan and China. NVIDIA will pay a cool $52 million (USD) for ULI, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2007. For any of you out there that don’t already know, ULI provides a large quantity of Southbridge chips for ATI’s Xpress 200 motherboards, the direct and only real competitor to Nvidia. Though?a worrying message for ATI, the takeover date of 2007 should not cause ATI’s current chip sourcing strategy any worries, and I doubt Nvidia would be crazy enough to limit supply after 2007 to ATI. Money is money, after all.

Review Roundup: Wed 14th Dec – Christmas Blu’s

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Midday Hardware Roundup: Tue 13th Dec – 17 reviews to sink your teeth into

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USB Pocket Flash Drive Roundup

Review Link: USB Pocket Flash Drive Roundup


USB Pocket Flash Drive Roundup

We take a look at 6 of the best USB flash drives available

Intel’s ‘CSI’ to outperform AMD’s Hypertransport

Intel’s CSI high-speed serial interconnect was first meant to appear in a Xeon chip code-named Whitefield. That processor, however, met an untimely death as Intel India mucked up the CSI implementation and forced Intel to rework its plans. As of last check, Intel will now introduce CSI in the Tukwila version of Itanium due out in 2008.

Xbox 360 consumes double the wattage of rival consoles

If the $300 price tag for Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 game console seems steep to you, just wait til you get the electric bill. The new gaming system, which has topped holiday gift lists since its Nov. 22 retail debut, is "obscenely power hungry," according to Will Greenwald, a CNET product reviewer.

Sony plans parental controls for PS3

Parents concerned about the kind of material their children are exposed to should be resting a little easier today. All Headline News reported that Sony has decided to implement parental controls on its next-generation video game console, PlayStation 3. That device is expected to hit North American shores (and stores) in the fall of 2006. It appears it will have some sort of toggle to enable parents to restrict which games their children play by using the Entertainment Software Association’s rating system. Microsoft has also has something similar onboard there Xbox 360, which was launched last week in the UK.

Wikipedia joker eats humble pie

Mr Chase, who added the false information to the biography in May 2005, said he did not realise that the online encyclopedia was taken so seriously. The fake information stated that Mr Seigenthaler Sr was linked to the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy and that he had lived in the Soviet Union for 13 years. The entry has now been corrected. Tennessean Brian Chase said he added to the entry to trick a co-worker. The discovery of the fake data in journalist John Seigenthaler’s biography started a debate about the online reference work’s reliability and the prank has caused Wikipedia to change its policy so only registered users can create entries.

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