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X1800XT reaches higher price than expected

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Posted November 8, 2005 by admin in News

ATI has surprised both customers and reviewers by increasing the price of the X1800XT to $599, instead of sticking to the $549 RRP previously announced by the company.

When ATI sent the cards for review, the release date was several week away, but they had already set the price of which was $549, about $100 more than the 7800 GTX, but with 256M more memory.

The X1800XT, according to a recent ATI memo making the rounds, is now going to retail at $599, and according to one dealer ‘no one can go below that’. If at first sight the card looked like a good deal, now end-users might consider a better look around?

Time will tell if this is just smoke or?fire, but this isn’t the first time ATI RRP’s have not been upheld. If ATI keep making mistakes like this while Nvidia chug along doing exactly what they say they will do, they?are going to be hit hard come next quarters financial results.

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