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S3 unveils DeltaChrome S20 series GPUs

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Posted November 4, 2005 by admin in News

Both the?Tech Report and Hexus both have published overviews for the newly announced S3 DeltaChrome series of graphics cards. That?s right, S3 are back!

It appears the S3 is targeting the mid-range sector and might be a good contender to?the 6600 GT. This is a good move on S3?s part as this is where the big money is. S3 wll have to offer more performance for a cheaper price to have any impact on ATI and Nvidia.

A key factor?for S3?s success with these cards is going to be driver support, and this I fear is where S3 may stumble. Time will tell though, and I for one am looking forward to testing one as soon as possible!

You can check S3’s very overloaded website HERE

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