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Hollywood Wants Laws Introduced to Stop Analogue Recordings

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Posted November 2, 2005 by admin in News

The Inquirer has reported that the movie industry is lobbying to get senators to back a plan to ban creating digital copies of analogue recordings.

Called the "Analog Hole" bill, it will make anyone who makes a digital copy of a telly program or a film from an analogue signal into a pirate (argh, me hearty).

The only "hole" I see here is in the heads of the lobbyists. Everyone else realises that the embracement of digital formats and the internet is inevitable for the industry. Hollywood has been in decline for years but is it due to the internet and piracy? Partly yes, but it’s also because of social change.

With the birth of a new technology as important as the internet, social changes inevitably take place and when this happens there is nothing an industry can do but embrace it. If anything, the internet has taught people that things don’t have to be the way they are. We don’t need to go to the cinema, why not stream new releases into our homes? We?ve all had years to realize the possibilities but the industry is fighting it and will keep on fighting it, and we’ll keep fighting them. They can’t win, ask Louis XVI. ?

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