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Apple faces legal battle over i-Pod

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Posted November 8, 2005 by admin in News

Consumers from the UK and Mexico have joined a legal battle against Apple over allegedly defective screens on the new iPod Nano music players. In the US, a similar case was filed in October after numerous complaints about scratched or broken screens.

Both lawsuits argue that the problems with the screen on the Nano are due to a design flaw. They alleged that Apple was aware of the issue, but chose to ignore it in the rush to get the players into the shops. It is alleged that the resin used on the Nano is much thinner than that used on other iPods.

Apple admitted flaws with a small batch of Nanos, but denied that it was more likely to scratch than other iPods. Complaints that the iPod Nano led Apple to offer to replace defective screens on the music players within weeks of its debut in September.

At the time, Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said the problems affected less than a tenth of a percent of the Nanos shipped. As for the lawsuits, Apple says it does not comment on pending litigation.

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