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24MB ADSL broadband may not be possible for most

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Posted November 3, 2005 by admin in Internet

Analysts have ‘reverse engineered’ data from BT and come to the conclusion that the vast majority of British residents will never be able to get 24Mbps broadband direct to the home.

Research by broadband analysts Point Topic suggests that the bandwidth promised by some ISPs will not be available to most UK residents because they live too far from a telephone exchange.

"24Mbps is achievable within 300 metres of the exchange so you can get those speeds if you happen to live next door," said Julian Herbert, editor of the Point Topic UK Plus service.

So, it looks like we may have to reply on the cable braodband providers for our hopes of high speed internet access. From what the article says though, everyone should be enjoying 10mbit connections by summer. Can’t wait! ?

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