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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Whats in store for the next 3DMark?

Beyond3D recently interviewed Nicklas Renqvist, Futuremark’s benchmark development architect, and asked him about the next 3DMark release. Here are some of the feature of the upcoming 3DMark: HDR rendering. Complex HDR post processing. Dynamic soft shadows for all objects. Water shader with HDR refraction, HDR reflection, depth fog and Gerstner wave functions. Heterogeneous fog. Atmospheric light scattering. Realistic sky model with cloud blending. Strauss lighting model for most materials. Subsurface scattering shader for some objects (not visible in the shot). Texture & normal map sizes: 1024 x 1024 to 2048 x 2048. Approximately 5.4 million triangles and 8.8 million vertices. Click here for hi-res screenshot.

R580 Details – Nvidia be afraid….

X-bit has reported that sources close to ATI have said the company has been testing it’s forthcoming R580 part since early July at the very least. According to these sources, ATI has been playing with various clock speeds and then measuring the performance increases. There has been some talk of R580 supporting up to 48 pixel pipelines, 8 or more vertex pipes and ludicrously fast clock speeds, Nvidia be afraid….. The card will also support features already present in R520 such as SM3.0, a 512 bit ring bus, but may also contain GDDR4 memory. It’s unlikely the first R580 part will come with anything like these features.? 48 pixel pipes are simply not necessary to be competitive to Nvidia at the moment. It’s much more likely we will see a 24 pipe part with the usual product refreshes six months to a year down the line which will enable extra pipes as and when needed to stay ahead of Nvidia.

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