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Archive for January 28th, 2021

Google tests new travel service

Google Inc. is scouting out the travel bookings business with a new feature that connects users to travel agencies that offer the cheapest fares. They announced to be testing the feature, putting it in competition with travel search sites like Sidestep and Kayak, which sift through all published bookings information for fares and reservation prices. The new Google`s feature would not compete directly with services offered by online travel agencies Expedia and Travelocity. On Google, users can input specific flight inquiries between two points. The search results feature Web links to the sites that offer fare information.It also allows users to enter their preferred dates of travel before searching.Unlike full-service online travel agencies Expedia and Travelocity, travel search engines do not sell fares. They only locate the fares and give links to sites that offer bookings.

X1800 XT spotted in stock in the UK

Yep yep, the X1800XT is now in stock and you can grab one at Ebuyer. The price is ?389.96 which is?reasonably competitive to the 7800 GTX, especially as it has 512MB memory instead of 256MB. After yesterdays reports coming from TheInq that the 1800XT was going to be priced higher than the expected RRP, it’s no suprise to see it available today at a decent price, though perhaps people were expecting it a little cheaper? Let me know yours thoughts,?write a comment?below 🙂

IBM releases software to promote Cell

IBM have launched a set of software tools it hopes will spur wider interest in its upcoming Cell microprocessor that is key to the computing giant’s return to profitable chipmaking. International Business Machines Corp. has developed Cell jointly with Sony Corp.? and Toshiba Corp., for use in Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game console due out next year.

Microsoft warns of new flaw

Microsoft Corp. warned users yesterday of a new flaw in recent versions of Windows that could allow attackers to take control of a system by embedding malicious software code into digital images. The users of Windows XP, Windows Server and an updated version of Windows 2000 would be put at risk by viewing a digital image containning software code that exploits the flaw. That could happen Wind the potencial victims go to a web site or open an infected file. Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc. recommended that users install the Microsoft security patch and avoid opening suspicious e-mail attachments or clicking on any unfamiliar links. Users can download the patches to fix the software flaws at www.microsoft.com/security.

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