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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Hollywood Wants Laws Introduced to Stop Analogue Recordings

The Inquirer has reported that the movie industry is lobbying to get senators to back a plan to ban creating digital copies of analogue recordings. Called the "Analog Hole" bill, it will make anyone who makes a digital copy of a telly program or a film from an analogue signal into a pirate (argh, me hearty). The only "hole" I see here is in the heads of the lobbyists. Everyone else realises that the embracement of digital formats and the internet is inevitable for the industry. Hollywood has been in decline for years but is it due to the internet and piracy? Partly yes, but it’s also because of social change. With the birth of a new technology as important as the internet, social changes inevitably take place and when this happens there is nothing an industry can do but embrace it. If anything, the internet has taught people that things don’t have to be the way they are. We don’t need to go to the cinema, why not stream new releases into our homes? We?ve all had years to realize the possibilities but the industry is fighting it and will keep on fighting it, and we’ll keep fighting them. They can’t win, ask Louis XVI. ?

Hardware Roundup 2nd Nov: 26 Prizes to be Won & ATI X800 XL AIW

New Layout Giveaway/Contest – ThinkComputers ?HEY, HEY… In Honor of our new design and layout we have decided to have a few contests all during the month of November.? We are going to be doing 5 different contests, so everyone will have a chance to win. And we have lots of prizes, 26 total, and not just for first place either.? All contests will run till the end of November, and top winners will be announced on or around the 5th of December. Except for the Random Contest, those prizes will be given away all during the month? ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XL – Designtechnica ‘ATI’s new All-In-Wonder (AIW) X800 XL picks up where the company’s X600 AIW card left off, which means a faster core processor, more multimedia capabilities and a heftier price. Surprisingly, the AIW X800 XL isn’t the company’s most expensive All-In-Wonder product though. Nestled in between the AIW X800 XT and the X600 PRO on the ATI product line, the AIW X800 XL offers impressive performance while still maintaining a somewhat modest price. But what is the main difference between the AIW X800 XL and the AIW 800 XT, and have multimedia capabilities really been improved over the previous year’s offerings?’ More Hardware reviews in this Edition: Amazing X-Fi case mod – Bit-tech Rock Pegasus 650 – TrustedReviews Virtual-On MARZ PS2 Game review – CyberwizardPit Beginners Guides: Ergonomics & Computers – PCStats Dynatron A41 V-S...

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