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Creative’s X-Fi and nForce4 Problem Discovered

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Posted October 18, 2005 by admin in News

Creative have acknowledged there is a problem with there new X-Fi soundcards and nForce4 motherboards. It seems bios updates can fix this problem but in cases where this is not possible Creative will replace the users soundcard.

"A problem was identified on nForce4 based systems where the system ran into difficulties, related to the enumeration of the cards with 2MB (X-Fi XtremeMusic and X-Fi Platinum). This resulted in a variety of symptoms:

– The system may freeze or not boot

– The system may list multiple "Unknown PCI Device" entries and lead to a BSOD

– The system may reboot repeatedly (when "Automatically Restart" is enabled in the Advanced system settings)

Some motherboard manufacturers have already acknowledged this issue and released a BIOS update to resolve it. For systems where a BIOS update is not available we will be providing an alternative resolution in the form of a replacement card with modified firmware. Please contact Customer Support for your region for further details."

You can find the?thread on Creatives forums here.

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