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Archive for February 27th, 2021

ATI X1000 Series – 35% Performance Boost Over Initial Results in Doom 3 with AA

ATI have released a small App to the press which optimises memory mapping on the X1000 series of cards. Once enabled it can give performance boosts of up to 35% in Doom III when?tested?at high resolutions and with Anti-Aliasing on. To be more precise though, it’s an Open GL optimization and so will give benefits in all Open GL games, not just Doom 3. Though this small App?will only be avilable?to the press, it should be?implemented in a later version (perhaps 5.11) of Catalyst drivers, so everyone can reap the benefits. Hexus?are the first to test this?tool out and you can check there result here. Though i have the patch in my possesion i have no X1000 series cards here right now and so cannot do my own tests, but i can confirm that this is most definitely an X1000 series boost only.

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