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Archive for February 27th, 2021

Enermax 535W PSU @ Extensive Mods

"Today?s world is becoming more Hi-Tech everyday. Each and every month, it seems that our computer parts have become even more outdated, yet again. With the development of dual core processors, PCI-E and SLI, Crossfire, faster hard drives, better cooling and the ever popular extreme overclocking, larger and more powerful power supplies are needed to supply the juice needed for these baby’s to run. With generic 300 and 400 watt piece of crap PSU’s coming in almost every single pre-modded case these days, people have just forgotten about purchasing quality units all together. This is not to say that manufacturers are not keeping up with the need for these power supplies. It is a struggle to keep on top of the ever evolving PSU market, but companies always seem to want to stay one step ahead of their competitors. This gives the consumer a larger selection of quality power supplies at fairly affordable prices. One such company is CoolerGiant, a subsidiary of Enermax. CoolerGiant sent me one of their PCI-E power supply?s the Enermax ALL In One PCI Express x2 535W PSU (EG565P-VE-FMA). Though this is not Enermax’s flagship unit, it is sure to power just about every computer out there" Link: Extensive Mods

Spire “GigaPod III” USB External Hard Drive Enclosure

?We have looked at a few other Spire products in the past and were always satisfied with the overall quality and performance. Spire has made a great enclosure this time we are very impressed with almost every facet of the GigaPod. This product will fit nice with anyone that needs a drive bay or a backup device.? Link: Marnscda

Aliens vs Predator Case Engraving at bit-tech

The tagline for the film was ‘Whoever wins, we lose’. However, with bit-tech’s engraving master going to town on a new work of case engraving art, it’s modders who are definitely the winners!?Bit-tech bring you the worklog of this awesome mod. "The left side panel is the central focus of most cases. It has the perspex window, so it was clear that I needed some strong Alien vs Predator theming on this panel. Luckily, I found the right artwork to give me the ‘Alien’ and ‘Predator’ text in the correct font, and there was room to engrave a small Alien head and a small Predator head in opposite corners of the panel." Link: Bit-tech

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