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FAKT Software House Announces Supports for AGEIA Physics Processor

AGEIA Technologies today announced that German game developer FAKT Software GmbH will be leveraging the full power of the AGEIA PhysX processor for its upcoming Crazy Machines II. The announcement is the result of an agreement that enables FAKT Software to use the AGEIA PhysX SDK to implement comprehensive physics dynamics in Crazy Machines II. This physics functionality will take on a new, breathtaking dimension for gamers using PCs equipped with the AGEIA PhysX processor. More info at AGEIA’s website

Web Roundup 31st Oct: 5GB Pocket HDD & Maxtor Network Drive

Seagate 5.0GB USB2.0 Pocket Hard Drive Review – CACHE-Community "This funny looking USB 2.0 hard drive from Seagate has a retractable USB cable, enclosed 5GB 1" Hard drive and a very cool blue activity light. It is a step further than a USB stick, in that it offers a whopping 5GB of truly portable storage, on its speedy shock-tollerant hard disk. It also boasts plug-and-play connectivity and a hot-swappable interface, and is compatible with both PCs and Macs" Maxtor Shared Storage Drive – TrustedReviews "Maxtor is actually offering two product families with the 300GB Shared Storage version on review here. The Shared Storage Plus is physically identical and is also offered in 200GB and 300GB capacities. The only difference between the two is the software bundle as the Plus model comes with Maxtor?s SimpleView backup utility and its MediaRetriever which is aimed at networked home entertainment systems for playing back digital video, music and pictures." More Web Reviews OCZ DDR2 PC2-4200 Value Pro – Viperlair Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones review – CyberwizardPit Corsair 2GB XMS PC4000 Platinum – Techgage Razer Copperhead 2000 DPI Laser Mouse – Bigbruin Water Block Tests – A1 Electronics Raidmax Ninja 918 Silver ATX Computer Case Review – Tweaknews Advent Rising Review – Gamepyre HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB Video Card – BFR Creative HN-700 – Noise Cancelling Headphones &...

Web Roundup 29th Oct: Arctic Cooling Interview & X1800 XL

Interview with VC from Arctic Cooling – NGOHQ "Today we had the chance to present some questions to Van Can TRAN from Arctic Cooling, but before we get to that we would like to present some information about Arctic Cooling as a company." Sapphire Radeon X1800 XL 256MB & XFX GeForce 7800 GT 256MB – Hexus "Both card packages offer compelling reasons for purchase and both are available immediately, but given a direct choice between the two, our money would slide over into XFX’s corner for a number of reasons. Its GeForce 7800 GT is marginally faster in a sector where framerates matter hugely. It also runs quieter, and, should you wish and funds/hardware permitting, can be put to immediate SLI use." More Web Reviews: Bill Gates: "The press is inflating Google" – NGOHQ XG Ninja 2 Case – ThinkComputers Mp3 players, what features to look for? – Rbmods Razer Copperhead mouse review – bit-tech Asus Extreme N7800GT Dual – ComputerBase Vapochill Micro Review – Legit Reviews eVga 7800GT SLI Review – Gamepyre Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse – OCIA OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 2GB Platinum Edition – 3DGameman Biostar M7VIG-400 Combo – ThinkComputers

HL2: Lost Coast Released – Available Now on Steam

The much anticipated free add-on on for all HL2 owners – Lost Coast was enabled on Steam earlier today. To install, start up Steam and follow the instructions. Gamers will be treated to an extra previously unreleased chapter of the HL2 world with ultra high resolution textures, models and HDR lighting. It’s going to look amazing, I?m sure. So what are you waiting for, go and install it already! November is going to be a busy month for FPS shooter fans, with Quake 4, Serious Sam 2, F.E.A.R and now Lost Coast to get through, we really are spoilt for choice at the moment and I for one won’t be getting much work done 🙂

Web Roundup 26th Oct: Lian Li Gone Crazy? & Vapochill Micro

Lian Li PC-777B Anniversary Edition Casing – Guru3D "Lian-Li has been around in this harsh business for 20 years already… 20 years! And to celebrate that they designed the PC777 series Aluminum PC case. The PC-777 series casing is a mid-sized tower with in it 6×5.25?, 6×3.5" internal with a FDD bezel and 1x CD-ROM bezel. There’s more to the Lian-Li case though, this model has 2 additional 120 mm fans located internally in the front and rear of the casing. Not your regular fans, nope we’ll show you in the photo shoot how weird (in a mostly good way) everything is with this PC case." VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise Series Cooler Review – Modthebox "A closer examination of the aluminum fins reveals three copper pipes that are located in the center of the unit. The copper pipes work in conjunction with what Asetek refers to as its "evaporation chamber" or "copper chamber" which contains hermetically sealed gas that uses the same cooling principles as phase change cooling. Most consumers familiar with Asetek products have seen this technology primarily used in the larger VapoChill refrigeration units." More Web Reviews Centon Advanced A2X512S4000LLU 1GB Dual Channel Kit – InsaneTek Hiper Modular TypeR 580W Power Supply – Pro-Clockers Sony HBH-662 Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review – Legit Reviews HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB PCIe Video Card – 3Dgameman Silverstone Eude...

*Attention* Pureoverclock FAKE email sent out contains a virus

If you’ve recieived this email, please ignore and delete it. It is not from anyone within Pureoverclock and contains a virus. If anyone has recieved this email please let me know. james-at-pureoverclock.com Dear Pureoverclock Member, We have temporarily suspended your email This might be due to either of the following reasons: 1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address). 2. Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process. 3. An innability to accurately verify your selected option of subscription due to an internal error within our processors. See the details to reactivate your Pureoverclock account. Sincerely,The Pureoverclock Support Team

Web Roundup 21st Oct: 7800 GTX Faceoff & Quake 4 Impressions

7800 GTX faceoff – Bit-tech "A?faceoff between two ‘Extreme Edition’ 7800 GTX cards. XFX and Leadtek both have 7800 cards with 490MHz cores – which one will be the fast graphics card on the shelves today?" Quake 4 – The First 15 – Hexus "First impressions of a game are hugely important, so our gaming editor presents his thoughts based on the first 15 minutes of Quake 4 gameplay." More Web News: Weapons of Mass Destruction Mod – Bit-tech EQS A72K9-CF Crossfire Edition Mainboard – Hexus Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400?- Viperlair Sansun SN-C001 BAT Case – 3D Velocity HTPC Primer, Part I – Video and Audio – Bigbruin Altec Lansing inMotion7 Portable Audio System for Apple iPod – BFR ThermalRock Mystic HTPC Case – ThinkComputers The Rules of RAID – TrustedReviews

G73 Spotted in latest ForceWare

G70 was the codename for the 7800 core. Now G73 has been discovered by NGOHQ who have been snooping around in the latest ForceWare. "It seems that NVIDIA is working on a new GPU architecture for laptops. We discovered that they already added support for the G73 inside ForceWare Control Panel. We believe it would be a mid-range GPU"

ATI’s X1800XT Has Huge Headroom! – 1GHZ Core and 2GHz Memory Broken

From what Eric Demers, lead chip designer?at ATI has hinted, there seems to be a lot of head-room built into the R520, and we’re starting to see its potential around the web now the worlds leading overclockers have there hands on them! Sampsa & Suvanto (who’s names sound like a Trance duo!)?have been able to clock an X1800XT to 1GHz core?and 2GHz on the memory?using LN2. Click the link for more details, but to wet your appetite here’s a screen shot of ATI tool. If you look closely there are small artifacts even in this screenshot so they must have been at the absolute limits here but still, its a great achievement.

Creative’s X-Fi and nForce4 Problem Discovered

Creative have acknowledged there is a problem with there new X-Fi soundcards and nForce4 motherboards. It seems bios updates can fix this problem but in cases where this is not possible Creative will replace the users soundcard. "A problem was identified on nForce4 based systems where the system ran into difficulties, related to the enumeration of the cards with 2MB (X-Fi XtremeMusic and X-Fi Platinum). This resulted in a variety of symptoms: – The system may freeze or not boot – The system may list multiple "Unknown PCI Device" entries and lead to a BSOD – The system may reboot repeatedly (when "Automatically Restart" is enabled in the Advanced system settings) Some motherboard manufacturers have already acknowledged this issue and released a BIOS update to resolve it. For systems where a BIOS update is not available we will be providing an alternative resolution in the form of a replacement card with modified firmware. Please contact Customer Support for your region for further details." You can find the?thread on Creatives forums here.

Hardware Web Roundup: 17th Oct – Corsair TwinX & Creative X-FI

Power Supply Group Test – TrustedReviews Corsair TWINX2048-4400 PRO – Viperlair PowerColor X800 GT Xtreme 256MB and X800 GT EVO Tide Water 256MB – Hexus Corsair XMS TWINX2048-3500LLPRO 2GB Dual Channel Kit – InsaneTek Bytecc BackupStar ME-808 USB External HDD Review?- Modthebox Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO?- ThinkComputers Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro – Hexus Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X1024-5400UL 1GB Dual Channel Kit – InsaneTek SimpleTech 80GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive – Techniz Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400PRO 2GB Dual Channel Kit – InsaneTek

Massive Cases & Peripheral Web Roundup – Flash Drives, MP3 Players, Cases….

A massive web news update today! Flash Drives, mp3 players, cases…. Asetek VapoChill Micro Extreme – A1 Electronics Creative Zen Vision 30Gb Portable Media Player – Tweaknews Creative Zen Sleek – TrustedReviews SwissBit Victorinox retroALOX 1GB – ThinkComputers Enermax CS-10182-BBA Entry Level Server Case – Extensive Mods Thermaltake Schooner Fanless VGA Cooler – Bigbruin Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 3 – MadboxPC Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones – Tweaknews SilverStone Nitrogon NT02 AMD & Intel heatsink – A1 Electronics Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid Tower – ThinkComputers Brother HL-2700CN Colour Laser Printer – TrustedReviews Thermaltake’s Big Typhoon Review – Gamepyre Steelpad Steel Sound 5H Professional Gaming Headset – Extensive Mods Spire KestrelKing V CPU Cooler – Techgage Novatron iamm NTD-25 Multimedia Player – 3D Velocity XG Magnum 500W – InsaneTek Thermaltake Swing Series Case – ThinkComputers Creative WebCam Live! Motion – TrustedReviews Dynatron P22 Intel Socket 775 heatsink – Pro-Clockers Thermaltake Muse USB 3.5" Drive Enclosure – Bigbruin Silverstone Strider ST60F 600W Modular SLI Power Supply – 3Dgameman Asetek Vapochill Micro Extreme CPU Cooler – Techniz RAIDMAX Samurai XE 901 Case – MHW IceMat Black Siberia Review – Techgage Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 112 Heatsink Review ̵...

X1800 XT Overtakes 7800 GTX Running 1600×1200 with 4xAA and 8xAF

Eric Demeres runs the chip design team at ATI.?He has?now confirmed?some details behind the memory mapping?performance leap in OpenGL. This change is for the X1K family only The X1Ks have a new programmable memory controller and gfx subsystem mapping. A simple set of new memory controller programs gave a huge boost to memory BW limited cases, such as AA (need to test AF). We measured 36% performance improvements on D3 @ 4xAA/high res. This has nothing to do with the rendering (which is identical to before). X800’s also have partially programmable MC’s, so we might?see increases in performance?in the near future. According to Eric Demeres, It’s still not optimal -?"The work space we have to optimize memory settings and gfx mappings is immense. It will take us some time to really get the performance closer to maximum. But that’s why we designed a new programmable MC. We are only at the beginning of the tuning for the X1K’s"

ATI X1000 Series – 35% Performance Boost Over Initial Results in Doom 3 with AA

ATI have released a small App to the press which optimises memory mapping on the X1000 series of cards. Once enabled it can give performance boosts of up to 35% in Doom III when?tested?at high resolutions and with Anti-Aliasing on. To be more precise though, it’s an Open GL optimization and so will give benefits in all Open GL games, not just Doom 3. Though this small App?will only be avilable?to the press, it should be?implemented in a later version (perhaps 5.11) of Catalyst drivers, so everyone can reap the benefits. Hexus?are the first to test this?tool out and you can check there result here. Though i have the patch in my possesion i have no X1000 series cards here right now and so cannot do my own tests, but i can confirm that this is most definitely an X1000 series boost only.

Interesting Web Roundup: 12th Oct – Why did I buy a 64 bit CPU again?

Video card jungle, what to buy and what not to buy? – Rbmods Ultimate Spiderman Review – Gamepyre HEXUS.gaming takes up arms in Sheffield! – Hexus Rag Doll Kung Fu Review – Techgage Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Review – 3D Velocity And Why did I buy a 64bit processor again? – ThinkComputers Black & White 2 – TrustedReviews Peter Jackson’s King Kong Demo Preview – Gamepyre

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