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Web Roundup: 21st Sept – LED keyed Keyboard & Fingerprint Reader

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Posted September 20, 2005 by admin in News

Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Review – Tweaknews

"Finger print readers have been around for a long time ? in Hollywood,
where you most likely see them being used to access high security areas
in action movies, but similarly they have been around for surprisingly a
long time in army bases around the world. As time went on they found
their way into corporate networks protecting vital company data before
swiftly moving into our homes. Today you can pick up a good quality
fingerprint reader in many shops but there is one that Microsoft is touting
to be the best and it is pushing its technology into keyboards, bundling
together with mice and as a separate fingerprint reader module, which
is what is going to be reviewed here today."

United Keys LCD Keyboard Preview – ThinkComputers

?Not long ago, did a small article/review on a new innovation, an Oled
Keyboard, I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about, it was posted
as news everywhere. The only problem with the Oled keyboard is that, after
some research, the idea is not that technologically feasible at this time. The other
problem with the Oled keyboard is that it is ‘paperware’ it does not actually exist,
the pictures look very pretty and caused quite a bit of a fuss in the media, but that’s
all they are: Pictures. A little while after I wrote that article I received an email
from Ronald Brown the CEO of United Keys Inc., pertaining to their invention,
which is essentially a Qwerty keyboard with embedded Lcd displays in the function

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