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Web Roundup: 18th Sept – 500GB HDD & 3.8Ghz 64 bit Intel

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Posted September 17, 2005 by admin in News

Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K500 hard drive – Tech Report

"Today, hard drives are measured in hundreds of gigabytes.
Soon it may be terabytes, and we’ll look back on the gigabyte
wondering how we ever got along with so little storage. We’re
really halfway there already. Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K500, currently
the largest desktop hard drive on the market, offers an
awe-inspiring half-terabyte of storage."

Intel 670 Pentium 4 3.8Ghz 64Bit Processor Review – Tweaknews

"With Intel canceling their plans for any type of 4.0Ghz processor
in the near future, Intel is focusing more and more on dual core
and on other ways to make their chips faster other than increase
the clock speed. The speed war is over, the efficiency battle has
just begun. Because of these facts, this will be the fastest 64bit
capable processor you will see in the 6xx range of Pentium 4s."

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