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Turbo-Cool 1 Kilowatt Power Supply Announced

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Posted September 6, 2005 by admin in Cases & PSU

The upscale technology behind the Turbo-Cool 1KW was first introduced by PC Power & Cooling in its Turbo-Cool 850 SSI power supply.

Enermax also have a 1KW power supply named the "Galaxy" in the works but its rumoured to actually be 1000W peak power output, the Turbo-Cool is the first true 1000W continous output PSU to market – Quite an achievement!.

In order to generate one kilowatt of continuous power from the existing 850 SSI platform, the Turbo-Cool 1KW’s power modules?have been?engineered for greater thermal efficiency and key components throughout the unit were upgraded to handle the additional current. The result is an EPS12V/SSI/SLI power supply with unprecedented output (66 amps total on the +12VDC rails) in a form factor that fits most ATX cases.

The unit will ship worldwide in September 2005 for $489.00 US and carries a 5-year warranty.

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